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Currently own Sony MDR-F1 which I use with an iPhone.
I'm not too impressed with the sound which I find somewhat "thin" and metallic.
I do like that the MDR-F1 is incredibly comfortable and the soundstage is very good to me.
Music (that is known): Pink Floyd, Bach, Adele, Lenny Kravitz, Beatles, Dire Straits etc.
Sound preferece: Neutral, relaxing & detailed..


Currently searching for new headphones
-Cost: <1500$
-Open/closed: Not important (I see advantages in both)
-I have normal size ears and do not want them to touch the cans - comfort is key.
-Size is not so important, but they should be well made to hold up for frequent transportation.
-Will be used at home and with the upcoming Sony nwz-zx1, Astell & Kern AK120 or similar on the move (TBD).
-When on the move - no additional amplification to be used. I presume this will limit the options somewhat.


Happy to get some sugggestions... I currently do not know where to start...
Thank you in advance.