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1.5 Tesla!36 Ohms!regards N O M A X
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Nomax is the king!!!
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Thanks!and don't FORGET to Love N O M A X!!
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Even better, thank you Nomax :wink_face: 

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Nomax, were you at the press event? Would love to hear what you think of the K812. Is it worth the asking price?
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No i was not at the confrence! other source!Yes its absolutly worth!this is better than Beyers T1!i think k812 is between hd 800 and may Favorite headphone TH 900!i Love the New EAR PADS from akg k812!new construction wtith eleptical cutout FOR biggest Comfort!sorry FOR may Bad englisch!
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Originally Posted by Nomax View Post

so THis is FOR you kvtaco
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Those look nice.
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I think THIS IS and WILL BE THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR AKG since YEARS!!and with a god headphone Amp the K812 Sounds Great!(don't FORGET a closer Look to SPL!!a FOLLOWER of the PHONITOR IS COMMING in the NEAR TIME FUTURE!!)regards nomax PS!i LOVE YOU GUYS:o
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More Infos on the akg Page!
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Guys!do you love nomax?you WONT MORE PICS??redface.gif:)
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Yes please; send through more pics of the outside of the driver casing; as well as more of the headband!

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Is this real leather? It seems not :(

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Okay!give me kisses an i will,Show you some more!ggggg:o
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