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I am always listening to music when I'm not recording, so it is great to have the best headphones I can get, and I could use an upgrade!



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I am a USC graduate student working with sound design and multi-media.  This year is my year of sound (that's an academic year of sound - 2013-2014), in addition to sound designing for film, I'm also stepping into the video game realm, working as the sound design lead for an advanced game project (#1 gaming program in the country!)


I recently picked up a pair of open cans for mixing, but I am in desperate need of a great closed can for field recording, mixing at school, and general listening.  I'm incredibly attracted to these Sennheisers because of their reported accurate sound signature (which is a major thing I look for), the attractive and sensible design, and the superior quality we can expect from Sennheiser.  We have several recommendations for standard cans around USC, but I'm always looking to find and recommend the best --- and I would love to give the momentums a try!  


For the sake of the future, for the sake of the sound lover, please, pick me!  


There are many cans out there, but never settle for less than the best...  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pressed-cans.jpg

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Though I have a solid headphone rig at home there is a missing acoustic element for my busy lifestyle.  The Sennheiser Momentum was designed to look sleek and blend into the urban landscape while pleasing the unforgiving audiophile in many of us.  The Momentum fits my style.            

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I have been a member of the hifi community for a while. I bought my first iems, and mp3 players at a very young age and only a year ago finally emerged into headphone territory. I thought I should upgrade to headphones because I wanted to get better sound quality and soundstage.
My first debut into the can world was the fa-011. I enjoyed these phones but I never had the money to purchase an amp, so I never heard its full potential. Also they are extremely limiting as I can only use them indoors. Another try into hifi I bought the hfi 580 and I really enjoyed its sound. Sadly, but I have moved into a dorm and I tend to be on the go a bit more. Since then I haven’t had the time to use them since they're not portable, not to mention they weigh a ton I sadly had to sell them for tuition as we know is rising. This was a major hindrance as I am now always on the go, only at home to sleep, sometimes eat. I started looking for a more portable headphone with a neutral, but detailed sound.

I needed a lifestyle headphone, a headphone that I can enjoy even when on the go. Have isolation good enough for the subway, but sound clear enough to get lost into. Not to mention I only have an iphone so it needs to be very easy to drive. A major factor is the look of the headphone. Theres nothing worse than having to wear full sized cans out in public. People stare, and not to mention there very heavy and hurt my neck after a few hours. I want a headphone thats style is in tune with mine. Its style to be diverse and matchable with many different styles of clothing (considering the seasons on the east coast). I need a headphone I can enjoy in public.
A friend across the hall is into headphones too and has a pair of the Momentums. I have auditioned numerous headphones from v moda, denon, and even other sennheiser headphones, but there was something that was different with the Momentums. They were perfect for my situation. He let me use them on a train ride up north and I instantly fell in love. The sound signature was exactly what I needed for my iphone. It was light enough to rest on my neck for hours as I strolled through the city. But it shined when I did put them on, people did not give me weird looks and best of all I was having audio bliss in my own bubble. I didn’t need a portable amp, and I could easily use them while walking since there light. I loved the on ear which doesn't mess up my hair like over ear cans do. It provides more isolation which is needed in my loud dorm.
 So you ask, how will the Momentum fit into my lifestyle? Actually, it fits perfectly in my lifestyle. An on the go college student whos in need of a portable high quality headphone that can be powered by a simple iphone. Too shy to wear humongous plasticy looking headphones that look like giant earmuffs. Something light enough to walk miles, and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Theres a reason why lifestyle headphones are becoming popular with people my age, it's because it’s exactly what we need in a busy hustle and bustle world lifestyle we live.

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Momentums would not so much fit my style so much as help to round out my style. Currently, I have a great setup for home use, nice dac,

nice amp, beautiful large over-ear cans (I use the G-cush pads on all my Grados). The problem is, I can't comfortably or easily take these with me for my classes. I'd also like to get another pair of Sennheisers, since my very first hi-fi headphones were a pair of HD 280 PROs and my 558's are actually broken. For a good protion of my music, the Sennheiser sound signature meshes well with the music, especially with my orchestral stuff. The final thing that would make the Momentum awesome for me is that when going to and from class I take public transortation, and the clsoed back design of the Momentums would help me find some peace and quiet during the busy ride.

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I am a graduate student pursuing my PhD in Physics. I work as a teaching assistant mostly teaching mechanics and electromagnetism to the freshmen and sophomore students. I love my job but after a whole day of teaching, I need to relax and get back my sanity in order to concentrate on my research. Unfortunately my office is right beside the noisy chemistry undergraduate labs which makes it almost impossible to get any sort of relaxation. I mostly use IEMs but have been thinking of buying a nice closed over-ear Senns for some time. The momentum fits nicely into my lifestyle not only as my office cans but also during the long walks that I usually take to clear my head. I have a friend circle who are very much interested in music but think that buying an expensive set of headphones is not worth it. The momentum will also help me show to my friends how much a quality headphone can help them enjoy their music.

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The Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ears would fit right into my lifestyle of giving because I pledge my entry to one of the two (or more?) noble souls in this thread struggling with medical problems. Should I win (and I hope they go to these people instead), I will contact one of them for an address. You can hold me to it, just like I hold to it everyone else who has pledged. :beerchug:

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The Sennheiser Momentum on ear headphones would fit into my life perfectly. The amazing sound would give my music momentum. The headphones would allow for an easy portable way to have high quality sound. The momentum of the headphones would give me the momentum to carry on. The headphones would give momentum to my crappy days and make them better, and make my good days into momentous days. The headphones would be with me to and from long walks. The headphones would be with me to and from school.The Sennheiser Momentum would be an awesome addition to my life, and allow for me to learn what an audiophile is.

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I guess ill share how I came to love music. I was born in a neighborhood near Richmond city in VA. I grew up there and have had a great life so far. I always had music in my life but never really paid attention to it until now. I always thought music was for older people like my grandparents. I heard my first song I liked when I was cruising iTunes and came across a section dedicated to Elvis Presley, I had always thought Elvis was for the more elderly crowd and never paid attention to it. I heard a bunch of his music that day and began collecting albums. When I was twelve I heard my first rap song ice ice baby by vanilla ice and loved it. I soon picked up many styles of music such as edm and rap and reggae. Until now I had never understood the message behind songs and thought they were all just random lyrics. I kept listening and realized I had been wrong about music for my whole life. I now love music and could not live without it. PS those momentums look awesome.

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Momentums and Me


When it's all said and done

And the job has been worked

The commute has been commuted

I shall return to my humble den

And embrace the glorious Senns

With a sigh of gratitude

Singing true and dear...


Beloved Momentums,


    Thank you for being there.


Sincerely yours,

My ears


P.S. Been a long time lurker here. Figured this was as good a time as any to join the community :happy_face1:. Good luck to all!

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I dont want the momentum to complement my style, but instead invigorate it and move it forward; to provide me with a forward momentum with which to present myself with -- I need it to make my style.


Living in an American high school is a tough business, and it doesnt make things better that people judge you on what you wear -- but its been long hard for me to present myself in this system of judgement because I dont have anything to wear that represents me. 


How do I tell others I love audio? How do I tell others I love music? How do I tell people that what keeps me going every day are the words a man miles upon miles away has scribbled on a piece of paper and decided to sing? 


My answer to this is the Sennheiser Momentum - a headphone that will give me the momentum to put my expression out there in my world. A headphone that will tell others who I am, and what I stand for. That listening to my favorite artists with good audio equipment is not just about style and respect, but about my life - a life that is defined by the melodies of others, and my thoughts on them.


But perhaps the true beauty of the Momentums will not be in their usefulness as an accessory, but as a motivator of change, for change is where true beauty lies. I hope they will be a catalyst to rid my school of cheap $5 dollar earbuds, and instead create a momentum towards a better future - a future where good headphones will not just be a sign of respect to the artist, but also a commitment to the whole idea of music; an idea that has changed our thoughts, societies, and relations with others.

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I love the lush look of the MOMENTUMs and as a college student in a relatively rural university, I miss the urban look that I grew up around during high school. I think that the MOMENTUMS compliment that well while looking classy and offering great sound quality (from reviews that I have perused through on different sites). I find myself in the library often and I still lack a top-notch pair of over/on-ear headphones that I would love to wear while studying.

I think the dark color of the MOMENTUMs almost reminds me of the wood in the reading rooms at school and I think it would fit in perfectly with the library but also with my own personal urban style. 

I would love to win a pair of these!


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As an Resident Advisor I serve as a resource for the residents of my building. As an engineering student music serves as a valuable tool for me to jam through homework and unwund after exams. Sometimes though my residents fail to realize I'm bogged down in work. This is where the Momentum headphones fit into my lifestyle. These headphones help send my residents a message, "hey Nathan's busy, we'll come back to him later." This leads to a happier Nathan who can jam through his work and be a super awesome RA because he did finish all his work. Thanks for this contest
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The style would nto fit me as im not a US resident 8(.

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Originally Posted by Mr calvin View Post

Walking around My highschool, about 90% of headphone users own Beats by dre. and another 5 percent use skullcandy. Now what they have done is remarkable. Beats by dre almost has a monopoly in headphone sales for young teens. I would use a pair of sennheiser momentums to show that you can truly do better for less. By that I mean that i could Show that if you have a genuinely good headphone with accurate lows mids and highs, that it can sound even more engaging than the overbloated bass found in common cans. Using my hifimans I have switched alot of people at my school to superior quality headphones. I would use the elegant Momentums as a conversation piece walking around school hopefully promoting that superior headphones leads to superior listening experiences. Having hifimans now i have "shown the light" to a few members at school. 2 of my colleges bought hd 650 and q701 off of my request. I try to find superior headphones at any budget for anyone looking. Using these momentums as the conversation starter would be more than beneficial.


Beats does a good job of marketing its gears.

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