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Big Sennheiser fan here.  I have had a more than a few, and the 555's were my gateway drug into Hi-Fi.  They became 595's, and then 650's.  I have had many of the lower end Sennheisers as well, including MX Ear Buds, and a few PX as well.  I have since gone through a divorce, and I am broke! (Surprise!) So I haven't had any opportunity to re-kindle my head-fi love affair.  Something like this would be an excellent change for me!

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I'm  a 40-something software engineer in Cambridge, MA where I spend a lot of time walking, taking public transportation, etc.  I always have my headphones on, whether I'm listening to music, podcasts, etc.  My personal style is casual, lots of jeans and flannels or sweaters.  Where I "express myself" through style is in my accessories... but I'm not really interested in "fashion"... especially when dealing with electronics and the like.  I like classic things, along with the modern.  For example, when I carry a camera it's either a retro-looking Olympus OM-D with a nice leather strap or a vintage film camera, like my Nikon F2 or a Leica M6.  For a watch I wear a vintage Bulova Accutron spaceview or an old Citizen diver watch, both which I inherited from my grandfather.  So for headphones, a classic looking design like the Momentums would fit in perfectly with my other gear and make me the coolest not-quite-old-yet guy on the MBTA!

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Tell us how the Sennheiser MOMENTUM ON-Ear would fit into your style.




Make it sounds like The Sennheiser Momentum.

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As a student, I barely have any money to support my audio hobby. I am in constant search for balanced and stylish headphones that I would be able to use on the go without breaking the bank due to my student status. Winter is drawing near- it would be great to have the Momentums as stylish earmuffs that play amazingly sounding music. Of course, they would not be neglected in the other seasons either- because they are on ears, they would be great to have in the spring and summer as well. The perfect set of headphones for me- with one exception- the price. I hope this contest will allow me to finally own a quality pair of headphones for such a great company as Sennheiser. 

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I would really love a pair of these, they would really help me ignore or not hear my roommate's farts and burps without looking like I should be flying an aircraft while wearing my ATH-a700s (they're huge!). Just imagine how peaceful may day would be if I didn't have to go through this multiple times, just take one second to think about that, getting blasted by farts is not fun.



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A Short Story featuring  Sennheiser Momentum


When she boarded the subway and sat down, her eyes were immediately drawn to the man across from her. The man sat listening to music, ankles crossed in front of him, hands folded in his lap. But the first thing she saw was his face. His eyes were closed as if relaxed, but his appearance made her thing of tension, of concentration, of purpose—yet the face in truth showed none of these. It merely showed their inevitable consequence: a look of serene determination and certainty. On second glance, she found that his expression seemed to be changing. No, not actually changing. But the mood, his bearing seemed to slowly shift like a lazy wave, or like the thoughts one can read on their lover’s face moments before the expression, or like the vibrato of a bow drawn across the strings. She watched him, and wondered what could allow such a man to exist in such a state during a morning commute through a city…


She couldn’t know it yet, but it was the music.


With his eyes closed, she felt free to consider him fully. She hadn’t at first noticed his attire, but now she felt that his bearing was that of luxury. Could that be right? Not just luxury, but rather a luxury of expert simplicity. She noted the jeans, carefully chosen for comfort; well fitted, and much loved. She inspected his shirt, altogether unpretentious, yet purchased from somewhere that specialized in quality and timeless appeal. It was not meant to fade.


And finally she was back at his head, and she regarded the headphones. She did not recognize them, but she did recognize sparks of electric light glittering off the polished arms. They matched the sparks of the music she heard through his expression. She felt the soft leather at the same time as her eyes perceived it. She saw the dignity, the pride, and the determination now not only through his face, but through his rational judgment in selecting the things he now called his.


She stood, crossed the isle, and sat next to him.




This short is meant to describe an ideal blend of my style, and the style that is expressed through a set of headphones like this. The craftsmanship does not warrant simply focusing on the sound quality, or the appearance. These headphones ought to belong to someone whose own purpose and artful selectivity and judgment matches that of the manufacturer. I hope you choose me as that guy. 

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You lost me and 80% of the members here at "US Residents".


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Why not have an international contest? This is an international website. I'm genuinely interested in why this is US only

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I would absolutely LOVE a pair of Momentums :-)


Why?, well, I live in Scotland and....oh, wait, not much point in going any further then eh? :-(


Since I can't even enter I doubt my 'vote' will carry any weight, but if it did I'd like to see Advil's dad sporting these too.



But seriously Head-Fi, I thought we are a world wide community, why restrict competition entries to one country?



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Once upon a time, there was a software developer.  He was a pretty good guy, but his job required concentration and focus.  His co-workers, all good folks, didn't seem to share this need with him.  So, instead of making a big fuss, ranting and raving about all of the jib jab and noise, the software developer took matters into his own hands.  He bought a set of Sennheiser HD280 headphones.  He was pretty happy at first, having never been exposed to the world of high fidelity musical isolation, but soon he began to wonder if there wasn't something better out there.  One day, after reading all about them, he bought a set of Allesandro MS1i headphones.  Oh my, our software developer was VERY HAPPY now.  He could do his job in peace and quiet, and give those around him back a bit of what he had gotten.  The leakage of sound however, proved to be too much distraction for another reason:  all of the questions about the "loud" music.  After spending a lot of time explaining that the new headphones were of an "open" design, and thus they sounded like he was listening to really loud music, he was really not.  In the end, he had to just lower the volume so that people would once again, leave him to do his demanding job.  Now though, he is thinking that a really nice set of closed Sennheiser Momentum headphones would fit the bill VERY VERY nicely.  Not only could he work and enjoy music throughout the day, he could do so with great sound quality and great style without bothering those pesky co-workers!  When he had to spend weeks on-site at a customer location, he could feel confident in the look of his nice headphones.  If only he had a pair...

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How the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears would fit my style? Well, I am living in a world of "Beats" pretty much which pretty much everyone has said on this thread. I would like to have portable headphones that actually have great sound quality for my musical needs. The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear are said to have a "fun" sounding signature and I think that would fit just me and the kind of music I listen to; though I listen to pretty much all genres (Except dubstep; Sorry the bass hurts my ears .__. ). I have been looking at these cans for quite a while now and by a while I mean like a month which is a while in my book. I would love to travel with these since I don't own any portable headphones excluding IEM's. That said, I would love to win a pair of these wonderful headphones. P.S. I'm terrible at being creative so yeah .__.

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Music has always caught my attention from jazz, classical, rock, electronic, but I really paid attention to the fine details with my used HD555's and loved them till they broke :( Now I can't get the money together for a new pair, so this free drawing would make this old stereo man very happy :beyersmile:

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THis headphone fits into my lifestyle because....
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Keep 'em coming :) 

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I always use in ear headphone until I brought my first on ear headphone, a MDR-d66 (which I still use) that I saw while in japan walking thur Akihabara ten years ago. Ever since then I have gotten hooked on ear headphone. Unfortunately my second headphone was a Sennheiser HD457 which was disappointing to me and has caused me to avoid buying anything from Sennheiser. Now with in the last month I have been hearing a lot of good thing about the MOMENTUM. If I ever got my hands on it and is excellent as head-fi says it would change the view I had about the company.
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