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Music gets me out of bed, soothes my Mondays and calms my frazzled nerves at night. It gives me the energy to get through the hard jobs, and paints a rosy halo around my work trips. Since I started a business where I have to be accessible all the time, I've had to greatly curtail my use. When I put on a pair of high-quality music headphones, I feel at-home, I feel like smiling, but without carrying a stack of equipment, I can't use my high-end headphones on the go or in Oregon 3/4 of the year. I'm looking for a pair of headphones that will let plug into my iphone, rock out when I can, let my creativity open up a little. My coworkers, the parents of the kids I take care of, and even the kids have remarked on how much happier I am when I listen to music - it's transparent, it's transformational. I'm looking for a pair of headphones that that will show that I care about music, that my style isn't just slamming down beats. I want something that will fit in with my denim jacket or my duster - my style is all about quality and practicality. I like to make people smile, and my job is to take care of people, so it's important to take care of me. Whether or not I end up winning this contest, I'll be using the Sennheiser Momentum brand, because they're just perfect for the kind of lifestyle I live. So I guess I'm really trying to say Thanks here. When I saw this product line came out, it entered a list of things - you're on the wave of a list of products that are driven by what consumers want to do, not what companies want their customers to be doing.

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I would much rather my entry go to Advil. Though another pair of Senns would be great, no real need. If I cannot donate my entry then put my name down and I can figure out logistics if I am to win them.


Thanks for the contest and good luck to all the entrants.

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I put these on my head for the first time last week. Great phones. I don't live in the USA, so consider this a commend. They felt great and are made to impeccable standards.

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I spent most of my 20's active duty in the US Air Force. My aircraft and crew were part of the Air Combat Command. Any time the US military deployed to some hot spot in the middle of nowhere, I was always a part of it; sending bombs and cruise missiles off to do their business. Now, I am in my 30's and I use music to escape my thoughts. Music helps me to forget the reminders of war and combat. I can slip on my headphones, close my eyes, listen to each key of the piano, each pluck of the guitar and fill my head with beautiful vocals. I am not much for style, but the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones do come in my favorite colors, red, white (ivory), and blue. Thank you.
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My daughter and I can share them, she loves to listen toTom Waits with my headphones! She is also into Screaming JAY Hawkings too!

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it's sounds like mx985's style, it will be ok if you only listen to pop music . but i like gothic metal  . so, it's not my food.

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I also think that Advil's entry should be the winner. I'm a nurse and have seen first-hand the healing power of music. If I was a US resident I would pledge my entry towards his and would like to issue a friendly challenge to my Yankee head-fi brothers to do just that.
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My 4 year old daughter and I can share them, she loves to listen toTom Waits with my headphones! She is also into Screaming JAY Hawkings too!
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I was going to write a nice paragraph on why these would fit for me but i think listing reasons would be better.

1.They look badass.
2.I have never owned a can and actually was thinking of buying one.
3.They are my favorite color.
4.They are German.
5.I have a German last name.
6.I am badass.
7.Therefore these HAVE to be badass.
8.i had a Senn iem once.....still have it.
9.All my friends have beats.
11.I want to show them the light.
12.Maybe impress some ladies.
13.I can finally look cool in nyc with headphones around my neck, I felt so left out!
14.I'll stop here as 14 is my birthday.

Bonus: lol

Serious Bonus: In all seriousness Sennheiser is a great company that makes great products, build and sound wise, when all else fails, cant go wrong with a Senn!

Thanks and good luck everyone.

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When I look at the Sennheiser MOMENTUM I see a glimpse of the world of audio as I wish it would always be. A world without aesthetic compromise where function and style coalesce. It possesses an aesthetic beauty that draws you in to explore its function. I cannot see a pair of Momentum and not think of an Eames lounge chair. This timeless work of functional art creates in me a visceral longing to have the sensation of its use. And when the work is experienced, the longing for that sensation is satisfisied. It is not merely removed but replaced with satisfaction, with contentment, with exhilaration, with joy. A simple elegant form transformed into an experience of beauty both in its use and observation, that is a work of art, and THAT is what the Sennheiser Momentum means to me.

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My daily routine begins with waking, as does the routine of countless others. I go through the motions of preparing for work while listening to my wonderful tunes. This motivates and energizes me for the hours to come. On the way to work, the same dulcet tunes keep me focused and help prevent any actions that may anger fellow road-going travelers. However, once I am at work I can no longer rely on speakers for music and must change to a pair of headphones. Surrounded by a sea of headphones ranging from Beats to $5 earbuds I notice a few things. Some co-workers care about looks and aren't getting amazing sound quality. Some care about quality and trade off aesthetics for reproduction. And some don't care about either; simply wanting something playing in their ears.


I aim to change this pattern. I've begun lately with another pair of on-ears that I felt had decent looks, great sound and was reasonably priced. And the co-workers have taken notice. Already three of them have gone out and purchased the same model with more inquiring about them daily as the word spreads. And we can do the same again with the gorgeous styling of the Sennheiser Momentum. Such elegance doesn't come often in on-ear headphones. I can imagine months down the line when half of the office is using these, the rows of beauty hanging on cubicles and resting on smiling heads.


My style is education. I love to spread the appreciation of high quality audio to those around me. With a pair of Sennheiser Momentum at my side I will be even more effective. The looks will draw people in and the Sennheiser sound will keep them coming back. It's a one-two combination that would floor even seasoned veterans. Working in an office of a national cable company my equipment gets a good deal of exposure and people always come up and ask questions. The more armed I am with answers the more that love will be shared. And the more I can educate my colleagues the happier I am.

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For what it's worth, Sennheiser has another contest for a pair of Momentum on-ear headphones on their website and Canadians can enter the contest alongside citizens of the United States.

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Music means a lot to mean. It helps me think, solve problems, understand life, and much more. Being a student, money is tight. I cannot really afford many pairs of headphones, and it normally takes me quite awhile to save up. Many people in my school all have beats, and when I tell them about quality brands, they just laugh and say: "Beats are better."  When they listen to my headphones they always say there beats are better. But if I won a Sennheiser on-ear Momentum, I know that it will change there minds. Not only sounding good, while looking good, they would be sure to turn heads at my school. When kids ask me about it, I know they will get serious about sound when they hear what true audio companies can make with intelligence, hard work, and a bit of spice. Wouldn't it be nice if more people got more serious about sound? I think it would. Even though my chances of winning are not the best, I would still like to thank Sennheiser for the great opportunity to win a pair of there awesome headphones. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by Double-A View Post

For what it's worth, Sennheiser has another contest for a pair of Momentum on-ear headphones on their website and Canadians can enter the contest alongside citizens of the United States.

Yeah there is a deal... Cough up airfare and hotel accomodations to win a pair of $300 headphones after sitting through the "enjoyment" of a pair of House DJ's...



I think Sennheiser should dontate a pair to Advil for his sick father's convalesce.

From a Canadian who always get's the Sennheiser Shaft in contests. :tongue_smile: 

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