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After enduring several long airline flights, something such as these exquisite headphones would be an amazing gift.

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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post

Hi Rosmadi

Can I ask why virtually all of the Sennheiser promotions / competitions you run on Head-Fi always seem to be US residents only?

It's your call - but as a Sennheiser supporter outside of USA - it peeves me a little that we don't count.  I currently own the HD600 and am saving for the HD800.  In the past I've owned some cheaper Senn products as well (eH250 + some CX IEMs).

With my current HD600 - even when one of the drivers finally failed (it's at least 7-8 years old - so I have no complaints) - I've ordered replacements off our local Sennheiser dealer.

We (world-wide) support you.  Why do you not reciprocate?

Just curious.


+1! And I am sure your market might grow if you open a contest worldwide!
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If I can be vain for a moment, the beautiful Sennheiser Momentum's leather head band match the look of my brown leather jacket, my brown leather belt  and a few of my dress and casual shoes as well. So winning this pair will allow me to dress appropriately and prevent me from being laughed at by my peers (who think interests in headphones is absurd when iBuds work perfectly), co-workers (forget that I work at home for now) and neighbors (forget that some of them are homeless and are more concerned about other things).


As far as audio is concerned, I think my O2 and ODAC would have their perfect soul mate with the Sennheiser Momentum. My O2 and ODAC are tired of the dating game and want to find a good permanent (at least until the next sweepstakes!) partner.



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At first I thought that the Momentum On-Ear wouldn't fit into my style, because I try to avoid buying products with leather or suede on them. However, I did a little searching and found out that the material that resembles suede is actually Alcantara, which is not animal based. As for the sound, I'm curious about what full sized Sennheiser cans sound like because my favorite 'phones right now are my Sennheiser earbuds. Also, the Momentum On-Ear's iRemote is a welcome addition because I would be able to conveniently control my iPhone and have good sound at the same time (the only iPhone remote I have right now is on my Apple earbuds).

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I'll have a go at this:

It's the colors. Why headphone-dom has such boring color combinations, I don't know. It's either black/grey/white or glossy-plastic red *cough* beats *cough*.


I'm a fourth-year college student and while I love headphones I don't wear them outside anymore. I've switched to more discrete in-ears because frankly headphones either don't match your outfit or, in the case of beats, they just become plastic attention whores. Also because I'm a huge fan of blue- my school's colors are blue and gray- and there's really no good looking blue headphones out there (I've tried the amperiors, and while they sound amazing they look too "professional" for casual use).


So yeah. I want the blue ones. :D

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My life is all about momentum in every way. Why shouldn't my headphone be the same?

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As a stay at home dad with two small children, it would be nice to have a closed-back headphone that I could listen to while the kids are napping, so the sound wouldn't bother them. I tried on a pair of Momentum on-ears at the airport a couple of weeks ago when we took a family trip, and they were very comfortable, and had great sound too.

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These heaphones would be perfect for me for several reasons. I travel a decent amount and I would love to be able to enjoy quality music on my flights but I am currently lacking in quality headphones that are portable and would sufficiently block out the engine noise. I've spent several flights sitting restlessly for hours instead of enjoying some tunes simply because I do not own any quality portable headphones. I also am attending college and so I spend a fair amount of time at the library in-between classes. I would love to have a set of cans (especially some as beautiful as the Momentums) that I could bring with me so that I could listen to some high quality music without disturbing those around me while study/read. I also live with three noisy (did I mention I'm in college?) roommates. If I want to listen to music, I must choose between good sound quality with my open-back headphones while having the music interrupted by frequent fits of hysterical laughter (along with a countless myriad of other noises) booming through the walls, borrowing my roommate's poor quality noise-cancelling phones, or playing my open-back phones at damagingly high volumes. Quite frankly none of those options are acceptable to me so Instead I tend to stay up well into the night after my roommates have all gone to bed when I can finally settle down and enjoy some tunes (yeah I understand sleep is important but I have my priorities:wink_face:.) I have been an avid music lover for years but only recently (past six months or so) have I realized how much of my music I have been missing with my low quality ear buds. Making my first plunge into the high quality audio world was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I don't think it's exaggerating to say that hearing high quality headphones has changed my life. It's fundamentally altered the way I listen to music and I can't imagine being without them and thus the Momentum on-ear headphones would be absolutely perfect for me. They literally have everything that I could ask for. Great sound quality? Check. Portability? Check. Isolation? Check. Comfort? Check. Absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful? Check. In every area that my current headphones fail, these would not only succeed but they would excel. 

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Well, I am not a creative writer but I am a US resident. I wonder if that means I have the same chance as winning as if I don't live in the US... It's simple why the Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear would fit my style. I need them to go with the two FiiO X3's that my wife and I have and she doesn't want me to even think about buying any new headphones.


For all you non-US residents, i hope you get your contest too.

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Walking through the classrooms at school throughout the day, everyone likes to yell and scream. None of them are even listening to good audio! Brainwashed by marketing! Anyway, all the teachers yelling at other people to take out their earbuds, "Get out your Apple Earbuds!". Now, if I was listening to music in class, obviously, with my newly won pair of Sennheiser Momentums On-Ears, the conversation would go a little bit more like this:


Teacher: "Get your headphones off of your head!" 

Me: "Do you know what headphones these are?"

Teacher: "Whilst they do look quite luxurious, you have to take them off."

Me: "You do know they are made by Sennheiser right?"

Teacher: "Oh, alright, continue listening. No need to interrupt, school is less important while listening to them."


And thats how I would use my newly won pair of Momentum On-Ears, to fail my classes:tongue:.

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First, thank you for the opportunity.  I've been extremely excited about these headphones since they first came out.  I'd like to be selected as a winner because I think these headphones fit my personal casual luxury, quality-product aesthetic.  I tend to not spend the absolute most on products but I also never buy low end.  I like products with a somewhat unique, stand-out look, but also that clearly exude quality.  With the color combinations, leather headband wrap, and the exposed metal ends of the bands where the headphones adjust, this fit right in with that aesthetic.  As far as the sound, I own a pair of HD-449s and they are great, but due to the cup size, I don't personally consider them to be portable.  I also consider it a must, at this stage, for portables to have iPhone control in-line so I don't have to fish out my phone to change tracks and volume.  I think given the look, materials, and Sennheiser name, these are one of the most intriguing headphones to come out recently and I would love to be selected as one of the winners.

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Same here. Canadian a little bit upset that we cannot enter these contest.

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After Advil's post I lost all desire to make my own.
I'd much rather see my entre go to him so that he can have two chances towards getting his Dad some sweet cans.
They are very comfortable, would be perfect for his situation.
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