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I've gotten a ton of good info on by reading these forums and am hoping this is a good place to ask this question.


I'm pretty close to pulilng the trigger on a Peachtree Decco 65 and some Dali speakers to go with it.

I'll also be purchasing some good over the ear headphones so I can listen to it at night.


At the moment though, I am focused on what to use as the signal source.


I have most of my cd collection in flac files and have purchased some hi-res tracks from HDTracks (96kHz/24bit).


I've been messing with a number of media servers on a linux box (XMBC, Plex, MediaTomb, Logitech Media Server).


I'm not intersted in anything but 2 channel audio for this.


Here are my requirements:

- Must support 192khz/24bit flac files.

- Must be able to run headless.  I prefer an Android remote app.  My wife prefers to not have a bunch of equipment in our living room where I will be setting this up.

- Would like to incorporate Pandora (I do have a Pandora One acct).


I've been considering the following, but am still researching.  I'm not sure if these meet me needs yet or not

- Logitech Squeezebox Touch -- probably the easiest, but most expensive

- Raspberry PI running XMBC or may RasbyFI -- Not sure about the USB to DAC feed.  Also not sure what it can handle in terms of file formats and resolution

- Small micro PC running XMBC, Plex, etc.  So far, neither of these apps are perfect.  I haven't been able to get either to send anything but 44.1 to my AV receiver.  If I run MPD, I can get the higher bitrate files, but I haven't had any success with the MPD client addon in XMBC.  I haven't gotten Pandora to work in Plex.  Note, there is not concern about the bit rate with's just for convenience/background music. not critical listening.  Pandora works in XMBC, but not via the Android remote.

- Sony SNP-N200...pretty cheap on flea bay and looks like it may do the trick.  Haven't researched it yet for file formats.


In general, I am open to suggestions.  I'm trying to keep this as budget friendly as possible.  Ideally, under $300.