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For Sale:
HIFIMAN Re-600 For Sale (LIKE NEW!)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For consideration is a like new pair of Hifiman RE-600:


Only had these for a few weeks and need to replace some broken camera gear so I need to get rid of these!  They are everything I would expect from a Hifiman Earphone.  Simply incredible, and after burn in they truly have continued to amaze me.  The sub-bass is deep, punchy, articulate and doesn't bleed into the mids at all.  Truly an incredible IEM that Hifiman has created here.  When I can afford it I will be getting another. 


Comes with all original un-used tips and accessories as I used Comply Foam tips with these.  All the original filters are included as well as the stereo adapter.  Everything is here and they are as new just burned in by me.




$320 shipped and paypalled to the USA.  Elsewhere inquire.

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