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For Sale: Eddie Current Super 7[Reduced]

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For Sale:
Eddie Current Super 7[Reduced]

Will Ship To: Continental U.S.

This Amp is in excellent condition.  If you're looking at this amp then you know that it's a great tube amp for its price. 
Specifications can be found on the Eddie Current website.


This amp is serial #23, I am the third? owner I think.  The transformer does emit a very small hum, which has been reported by other users.  I just sent in the amp to Craig for a check up several months ago, and everything checked out nicely.  He offered to switch out the transformer, but I didn't take it because it didn't matter to me.  The hum never bothered me as you can barely hear it without headphones and with headphones or music on you can't hear it at all.  


Going back to school, so I need to sell this to help pay part of the tuition. 


7 tubes: 1 CBS/Hytron 6SN7 rebranded as motorola
             2 Electroharmonix 6SN7
             4 RCA silver label 6SN7
Power Cable


Please tell me if you need cables:
3' Monoprice XLR --> RCA cable (optional)
3' Monoprice RCA cable (optional)


The S7 amp costs $1825 + shipping with 7 tungsol 6SN7s if you buy it new from Craig.


I am selling this package for

$1150 USD

This includes free shipping to continental U.S., which is a good deal for you since this amp is pretty heavy
It will come shipped in original packaging from EC with thick foam protecting the amp. 


Pm me for questions.


Please add 3.5% for paypal fees or use gift.  



Box is 20"x16"x10"
Total Weight is 28.4 lbs

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Hi just out of curiosity, is the super 7 real balanced? Or is the 4pin xlr just there for convenience?


Many thanks,


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It's not fully balanced, but Craig did do something different to the 4 pin XLR.  I don't remember what he did, but there is slightly different wiring.  From my ears, the XLR is a tad bit cleaner, and has a slightly bigger soundstage.  Nothing significant though.  

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