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For Sale or Trade: DIY Meier Corda Cross 1 [SOLD]

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For Sale or Trade:
DIY Meier Corda Cross 1 [SOLD]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale I have a DIYed Meier Corda Cross 1 - a pasive (no power supply required) crossfeed unit that goes between DAC and amp in an attempt to make headphones sound more natural by mixing a little of the left channel into the right and vice versa.  It has three levels ranging from subtle to blatant and 6 adjustments to tune the amount of treble and bass it mixes, as well as a bypass switch to turn it off.


I bought the official cases and PCBs from this ad and built this unit shortly after using overkill 0.1% tolerance .25watt resistors and finally got round to adding knobs recently, taking the parts total to about £130.  It's been in my home system ever since but I'm selling my home gear as I mostly listen on the go these days.


Yours for £85 including Special Delivery within the UK, anywhere else please ask for a quote.

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