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just purchased the Senns HD380 Pro for mixing purposes. While being very comfortable, I can't say Im too happy with them sound wise. Im not sure whether its the broader soundstage or the boomy/slightly overpowering bass, but I cant seem to hear/make out all the frequencies clearly (which is quite important for mixing). The sound just seems muffled up top and a bit distorted when compared to my Pioneer Dj5000 (which I've been using until now). While I quite like the sound my Pios produce, comfort wise they're just unbearable - cups are too small, no padding on the headband, etc.


So, can you guys recommend a closed-back pair with more accurate/analytical sound production? Has to be over-ear since I hate having my ears all squished, with tight bass (not overpowering). I'd prefer something under $200, as well. Sony MDR's? Other Senns models with less bass/soundstage?


These will be used mostly for track mixing/djing without monitors/speakers (all mixing/blending is done with headphones on only). BTW, I have the HD600 for production purposes and I love 'em.