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My rigs are:

Clip zip and tdk ie800 - jogging rig and fine with this, will leave as is

Ipod video with sdxc card and rockboxed with jvc 90's

Ive had a couple of amps in the past:

Fiio e11 & e12
Jds c421
C &c bh

Also had a few iems:
Shure se215
Hisoundaudio crystal
Yamaha eph 100
Jvc fx80
Fischer audi dba

My tastes are edm and id like the 'next level up' in performance

Im not changing my source - flirted with dx50 but missed ipod too much

So do I spend around £120 on an amp or lod or similar on iems?

If so which iems work well with edm, I am actually thinking about the yamaha again if the moisture problem is resolved. Or possibly vsonic vc1000

Prefer a mildly deeper insert and worn down

Whats the options?