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This forum can be a place of profound informations and heated debates, but every now and then it has it's funny moments. One memorable thread would be the one about patrick82's best quotes (not to miss!). Eventhough my opening quotes will be from one particular member, this is only due to the fact that I am following the rumours around the K 812 release, where these quotes arose. However, I'd like this thread to be open to very different quotes, not focused on any specific member.


So here we go:


Quotes from the AKG 812 thread, all by michaelxray.



About certain headphones:


"The K701 works only on my washing machine."


"I am satisfied with the HD 800 completely [...], even if there is no sound."


"The old K1000 is powered by a steam engine.

Twice he has been burned. But the third K1000 survived.

So that all their questions are answered?"


About hungry cans:


"Now you can add 1 and 1 . Try to imagine what we're talking about here. Then they have an idea of ​​why I speak of a headphone having breakfast ."


"You can eat your steak with three sauces until the cook tells them that steak. But you can also eat steak."



michaelxray about his strategy for discussions:

"You must see: Replies are always used in conjunction with any questions. Logical. And issues related to the brain.

finished. Easy. My cat can also ask questions. Only I have not talked to her about the K812"



About the pope:


"This has as much to do with AKG as the Pope of pregnancy."



About devotion:


"I want to buy the K812 when it's official. My wife said: No, you're already 25 headphones. I said: Okay baby, then you must go."




And finally, never forget: "They listen with your head"!

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There's another thread here:

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Just so no one starts quoting themselves.
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