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Headphones advice needed

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Hey guys, first post here! Nice to be on board :gs1000smile:

So i've been needing some headphones ever since my old ones broke, and i need some advice.

My budget is around £50-£80 (roughly $80-$130). Cannot go higher than £80.
I will mainly be listening to thrash metal, hard rock, shred and classical music. I know classical music is quite far removed from the others, but it is imperative that this sounds good.

I will also listen to a bit of softer rock, indie, rap, jazz and pop, but these are not too important. I get the feeling I am going to need quite a versatile set.

They need to be as comfortable as possible when worn for long periods (4-5 or more hours) of time.

They MUST be either over ear or on ear- no earbuds or in ear headphones please.
Also, it would be appreciated if they were not too hideous- obviously sound and comfort come first, but i would like a good looking pair if possible.

All answers appreciated. 

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What sources are you plugging the headphones into?

Does it matter if the headphones are open or closed?

Headphones used in private or out in public?

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computer, audio interface, phone ,ipod.

would prefer closed.

Both, but mainly in private.

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Id say grado sr80i or hd558.
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can't afford hd558's- 518's?

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Samson SR-950 closed headphones, comes with Velour ear pads.

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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Id say grado sr80i or hd558.




Grado sr80i or  used HD558

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