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For Trade:
FT: 64GB Ipod Touch 4G on 6.1.3 for 64GB Ipod Touch 4G on 6.1.2 or earlier

Will Ship To: CONUS

I just got this off of Ebay.  It is good, but used condition.  Some fine scratching on the body and screen, but the screen scratches are only visible when the screen is off and the lighting is right.


Basically, I like to tinker with my devices (rooted phone, multiple OSes on my laptop, etc.)  I didn't realize this iPod Touch was on 6.1.3 and I also didn't realize that there isn't and won't be a jailbreak for this version of the OS.  Unfortunately, this isn't "upgradeable" to iOS7 so if/when a jailbreak comes out for it, I still won't be able to do so.  And no, I cannot downgrade from 6.1.3.


So, if anyone has this iPod Touch in similar condition (pretty good, really) and is on 6.1.2 or lower and would be willing to swap, please let me know.


OR if you straight up want to buy it so I can get one I can jailbreak, that is cool too.  Would take $175ish shipped.  Will post photos if any interest.