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For Sale: FS : MS-2i with TTVJ Flat pads.

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For Sale:
FS : MS-2i with TTVJ Flat pads.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Very good condition with some slight wears on paint. It is equipped with TTVJ Flat pads. Unfortunately I do not have stock pads.... but thing is flat pads sound just far better than stock pads anyway. Remind you Grado headphones were originally designed with flat pads, and they sound better balanced with more bass and reduced piercing high while mid becomes even better.


$185.00 for CONUS shipping included and paypal fee. International shipping possible but we have to discuss a bit. Sorry no original packaging!

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Considering trades?
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What do you have in mind? Tbh I am not that interested in trade.
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I have a Sennheiser Amperior with upgrade cable and a JDS C-5 amp. Either of those interest you?
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Argh, sorry. One of the reasons I am selling Grados is because I wear glasses, and those Sennheiser (HD 25 and its variants) are even more dreadful. I also do not need amp. Thank you for the interest tho.

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sale pending.

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