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i would look at the IBASSO PB2 Pelican, the other people who said the ER4P is hard to drive are right.


personally right now i have the PB2 and the er4p and even with +10 gain i am still almost as 10 o clock for moderate to 12 for loud listening levels and i havent tested beyond that, and obviously you are aware of how isolating the etymotics are,but for whatever reason they are just a bit harder to drive, and they arent even the S or B which are 100OHMS which would be even harder to drive then the 27HOM er4p


ive owned the alo audio mk2 personally its a excellent amp, and it might be able to drive it i dont know how well though.


the good thing about the ibasso pb2 is you can swap out the opamps and buffers to gain different sound signatures so you arent stuck with just one sound.