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Amp gain confusion

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I recently took a huge step up form my current Xonar essence ST and Sony CD900STs, and bought a Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC, a Violectric HPA V181, and a pair of Mr speakers Alpha dogs.


None of them have arrived, but I will probably be waiting another 5 weeks on the alpha dogs, and will be using my CD900STs with the other 2 instead


Would setting the pre gain on the V181, to anything over the -12db, setting damage sensitive, low impedance cans? Should I have bought a less powerful amp? Are my fears unfounded?

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You wont have any problems, the 181 is a great and versatile amp

Pre gain settings just give you more range on the volume control

For example a sensitive pair of cans may become too loud at around 10 o'clock on the higher setting,

switch to a lower setting and like magic they will now become too loud at around 1 o'clock giving a larger range on the knob to play with

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