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Good portable for DnB

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Alright, so I already have a couple full-sized headphones in my collection, but what I seem to be lacking are some portables (supra-aural). I can't exactly A/B many headphones nearby, so I've mostly stuck to online reviews. After a bit of searching, I decided that the Sennheiser HD25-1 II/Aluminium, or the V-MODA M80 were the best choices for my preferred genres of music, like EDM (Noisia, Prodigy), drum & bass (Pendulum, Noisia, Spor), and electro-house (Feed Me). I really like how the V-MODA M100's fare with these genres, so I'd like to stick to that sound signature.


Any other suggestions would be appreciated, as well, as long as they play electronic well, and can keep up with DnB. Budget is <$350.



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IIRC ATH esw9's fit your needs,  they're not bass head cans but they're on ear and a little warm.  They are probably a whole lot cleaner than M80s.

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I've heard the ESW9 praised for its ability with more mid-centric genres - not necessarily bass-oriented ones. How would its extension and impact fare with the HD25? Certainly I would want good mids, but not at the sacrifice of bass.

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Seeing reviews for the M-Audio Q40, I'm intrigued. How would they compare to the ones I've already listed?

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Okay, so I had a chance to try out the HD25-1 II at B&H. Unfortunately, they didn't have the TMA-1, so I couldn't A/B, but I really liked the HD25. I thought it had a similar sound sig to the M100 (which I like very much), but what do I know, I'm not an audiophile. Anyway, I think some of the headphones there were a little weird (like how the DT1350 sounded 'muffled', or maybe it was just my source?), but I got an idea as to just what people were talking about 'dark' (PRO 900?). I don't like it. Does the TMA-1 sound much like that?

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Hard for me to imagine the DT1350 sounding muffled with any source that other headphones sounded OK with. However, the first time you try them on, it can be a little difficult at first to find the sweetspot for the sound.
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