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Warmer sounding HD600?

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Could anyone recommend me a warmer sounding HD600?  I think I've read that the HD650 is warmer, but I do not want to spend $100 more just for that and would actually like to keep it around $200 give or take.  It would need to be as comfortable and light as the HD600 if possible.I believe I liked the signature of the denon d2000's more, but like qualities of the HD600 as well.

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Well, first thought, the HD650 because it is warmer, but it's different from the HD600 in treble big time (rolled off treble). The D2000 has bright treble, and serious sub-bass. Something both the HD600/HD650 lack.


Sounds to me like you might like the Beyer DT880 PRO 250ohm. Inexpensive and has the combined qualities you're looking at.


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In no way is the DT880 a warmer HD600. Maybe the DT880-600ohm has a chance to be what you want but it's NOT a warmer HD600, it still has the Beyer treble spike and it lacks the trademark Sennheiser smooth midrange. On the other hand it's very detailed and clear.

The HD650 has better bass extension but the upper mid-lower high is recessed compared to the HD600 giving a distant sound. And it trades some of the bass tightness for bass extension so it's slower. I think the HD600 is ultimately better even if the HD650 is a little better at microdetail and overall resolution - IMO being more neutral beats that. IF you have a super resolving system source and a mega solid state (balanced) amp the HD650 will pull ahead, provided the coloration is pleasant.

The bad news is that there's still (after all these years) no headphone that competes with the HD600 at it's price. You might want to use slight EQ to tame it, or a tube amplifier. EQ would be -2 to -3dB between 3.5-4kHz and -1 to -2 dB over 4kHz. Then a +2dB at 50Hz to extend the bass lower a bit. That's all it needs to be almost perfect. Use parametric minimal phase EQ and it's quite ok.
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