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So I was dead-set on the TMA-1 (even though it's not full-size, I'm just looking for any headphone in the >$250 price range right now.) However, I'm not sure if it is the best choice at that price range. Let me reboot this discussion with a clarification of my music tastes. The headphone I'm looking for has good bass extension (preferably not mid-bass oriented like the HD25), and a signature like the M-100. I'll be pairing it with the ZO2 amp, so if the bass presentation just isn't there, I could give it a boost. I think these songs should give a good representation of the music I like:


Feed Me:

Short Skirt, Fiasco, Chinchilla:

Cott's Face:



Slam, Girl In The Fire, Tarantula, The Terminal:

Back 2 You:


WS99 I'm hearing is a good choice, but are they better than the TMA-1? Do either compare to the K267 or K550/551?

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