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How to hear past EQ

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Hey Everyone,

       I know how properly EQing headphones can really improve sound. I have spent many hours getting my modded SR225i's to be as flat as possible and can hear the improvement. Well, I'm hoping to one day move beyond my Grados and will be attending RMAF to hear many options (HE-500, HD600, DT-880, etc.). My dilemma is how do I listen beyond the basic EQ of whether it is bass heavy or sparkly etc.? At a meet I can't spend hours getting the cans EQ'ed and then compare them on an even plane to my current setup. Any suggestions for things I should be listening for?



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Well, you can take a track you're very familiar with and play with the EQ while listening, for example:

- how does a broad +5 dB boost change the sound at 100 Hz

- how does a narrow +10 dB peak at ~9 kHz sound

- and so on..

at home.


You can also do this with other test signals like pink noise if you prefer that. They key is being able to recognize a) if there is something off and b) approximately which frequency, how big is the boost/cut.

Harman has a free tool called "how to listen" which can be used to train exactly that. If you get a feeling for that you should be able to pick out where each headphone has "problems" at a meet.



Other than that, you could look at some headphone measurements at Innerfidelity to get a rough idea of what to expect and also to roughly simulate those frequency responses with your EQ. (Use your flat EQ preset and for example set up a second EQ instance which you then make roughly look like the measurement.)

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The question was hearing *past* frequency response phenomena that can be affected by EQ and I think the answer is that you can't. It took me months of listening, but more importantly consultation with an expert and experimental modding to ascertain that my favored pair of "open" headphones had a closedness to its sound caused by too-thick damping behind the drivers that could not be cured by EQ. And going by my modding efforts, one really can't tell if a change that had a bad effect on the unEQed sound may actually have a sonic benefit that can only be revealed after corrective EQ. These days I hardly bother to listen to phones at meets and just judge them by comfort for the most part. redface.gif
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