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For Sale: Ocharaku Flat-4 KURO

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For Sale:
Ocharaku Flat-4 KURO

Will Ship To: Anywhere

FS is that black sheep of the Ocharaku family, the one and only KURO! Do you like your phones like you like your coffee?

If you answered: Ground up, in a bag, and stuck in the freezer? Then come on down! Better sound than SUI, cheaper than Kaede and balance, balance, SUNDAY balance! Get the phone that Shigzeo proclaims is the "crowning achievement" in the Ocharaku line

Be the envy of the neighborhood as you listen to Silent Shout on your obscure, ultra kitsch, Japanese handmade phones while sippin your (single origin) Fair Trade Peruvian coffee outside your local Ethiopian restaurant!

I must mention that there are a couple of teeny, tiny chips along the phase tube on the KUROs, but that it has been noted by Shigzeo that these chips are unavoidable! Still, they must be mentioned, and I have only ever taken care of these babies!

PayPal fees applicable, free shipping in the CON US! Additional shipping applies to our foreign friends!

Pics forthcoming!
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