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bought shure se215 but right ear gets muted sound due to complete isolation / vacuum

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Hi all,


For the first time i spend a little more money on some in-ear's for just working and listening to music while working in noisy areas.

but the strange thing occurs that they sound really muted and dull especially my right ear. but for example when i make a huge happy face my ears seem to open up or something and the most amazing clear deep sounds comes into my ear from these earbuds.


I tried the 2 smallest silicon and foam sleeves. and the silicon ones seem to work best but still some depth isent there.

Does anyone knows a solution, would love to have the amazing sound always without showing a weird happy face all day ;-)

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When you smile your ear canal opens up allowing the sound to reach your eardrums unimpeded. I would suggest you try the longer eartips and before you insert it lift the back of your earlobe up and back. That opens up your ear canal then once the tip is fully inserted you can release your earlobe. My right ear has the same bend and that worked like a charm.

Shure IEMs are very tip dependent. I would suggest you go to Westone.com and buy the assortment pack of both form (True Fit) and silicone (Star Tips) it is only about $15. Yes, the Westone and Shure both have 2.5mm nozzles. Finding the right tip and knowing how to insert them will make a world of difference.

InnerFidelity.com also has a great video on how to use IEMs. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ultimate-headphone-guide-articles-how-insert-ear-monitors
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Just been experimenting a bit more.

since i know i have a weird kind of ear canal (i heard it when i fitting custom fitted filters when i still deejayed) and i then always thought i had a shallow ear there for i needed small earpieces.

i now tried the largest foam tip of the shure's and they seem to close off to outside sound for 90/95%

While the sound i pretty good, i think sitll not as good as when i stuck those small ones into my ear canal. 


not sure how they should fit. do they really need to be inside your ear canal. or just inside the first (bigger) part of your ear?

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I was in the same position as you as my right ear has a bend right inside. I found the foam tips absorbed some of the sound and were uncomfortable. I also thought a smaller tip would be better but trust me you want a longer tip to allow the sound unimpeded access to your ear canal. I use the blue Westone Star Tips as they are longer (past the bend) and keep the bend from blocking the sound. The Star Tips are silicone so they exert less pressure on your ear canal.
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very curious. just ordered the complete kit foam + silicon star tips. 

maybe i will also have a look at those monster supertips. those are easily (and cheap) available here in the Netherlands.

Westone i had to order from the US. 

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Good luck I hope they help. FYI I tried all of the stock Shure, Comply tips and EarPortz before finding the Westone's are superior. I probably spent $150 on ear tips. Unfortunately, I consider myself something of an expert on ear tips. :-)
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Thank you for taking the time ;-)

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