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Looking for a $200 Portable Pair

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Hey everyone, 


I'm currently in the market for a set of portable headphones for around $200 mark. 

In my portable rig currently, I'm using a set of SRH440's with a C421 amp. After using a set of HD600's at home for the past few months, I've found the SRH400 is way too fatiguing compared to the HD600, so I'm looking for something that doesn't have the piercing upper midrange that the 440 has. 


My main contender currently is the HD25-II, since it seems very portable. I've thought about IEMs, but I don't really want to invest that kind of money in something that fragile. 


I primarily listen to metal and Jpop on a day to day basis. Any other headphones you guys would recommend?

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Portable in the sense that you can wear them around your neck and carry them without a container, or portable in the sense that they are easily transportable and have very good isolation and low leakage?  I'm assuming the latter.  I find taking my SoundMAGIC HP100 to school in its carrying case (which can fit a portable amp as well) to be very convenient, but I would find it annoying if I didn't have a backpack or something to put it in.  Isolation is a bit TOO good at times, as it completely drowns out loud voices at moderate volumes (as well as intercom announcements... which has lead to much confusion).  Leakage shouldn't be a problem unless you are listening at ridiculous volumes.  I find them great for metal, and while I don't really listen to Jpop, they are very good for pop in general.


If you want the former, the V-Moda M-80 shouldn't even really need an amp, but sound-wise it isn't on the same level as something like the HP100.

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