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For Sale: AKG K702 (Mint)

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For Sale:
AKG K702 (Mint)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to see if anyone is interested at around 200 + shipping. Bought last year, (one of the last production runs in Austria before they moved production to China), Have all org parts + receipt + everything. A new pair will run you around $310 from Amazon and you'll get one made in China. This is the newer 8 bumps model, and most importantly made in Austria. 


Can't really find any problems with it. 


Edit: Forgot to say, these only have around 100 hours of head time. Barely enough to break them in i think. I just prefer the HE 400 a lot more for it's sub bass

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Considering trades?
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Depends dude. Don't know what i really want atm, but i'm open to offers.

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Hi,   Would you ship to UK?    If so, please quote best price possible.   Thanks,   Den.

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I'm a little skeptical about shipping overseas, as the risk of damage will be higher.


I'll let it sit for a few days, but maybe. 

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