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For Sale: Sennheiser HD650 -SOLD-

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD650 -SOLD-

Will Ship To: CONUS

Senn HD650s (new driver) with stock cables, stock pads, etc etc, and no visible paint chips or other damage to my eyes.  Includes 1/4"->1/8" adapter and is missing its original box.


History on these guys:  Roughly 2 years old in total; the first year and change were spent in a smoking home, and about 9 months have been spent with me.  My household is nonsmoking but I own two cats.  The foam elements on the phones were admittedly very musty when I first acquired them, but they've aired out nicely since then and to my nose, there is presently no lingering smoke smell to them whatsoever.  Your Nose May Vary, though.


I've been out of the headphone scene for a little while and now I have an apartment to myself, I'd rather downsize my collection and invest in some nice studio monitors instead.  The HD650s have always played perfectly, but if I'm going to keep a single pair of headphones I'd prefer the utility of a closed set of cans, so these little doggies need to get a move on.


I got these guys el cheapo and I'll sell them el cheapo.  $SOLD includes shipping within CONUS.  Paypal gift or you make up the difference.  Cheers!


(Sorry about the terrible photos, my real camera is broken and all my pretty backdrop towels are in the hamper)

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Have the grills ever been replaced? I thought the hd650 grills were silver.
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I don't believe so, no.  There is a mesh element inside the headphones though that is silver in newer revisions and black in older revisions.  Supposedly the silver drivers suffer less from sound variations due to climatic factors, and they somewhat lose the 'veiled' upper registers that the old HD650 was (in)famous for.  That's what I've gathered, at least.  Some prefer the old, some prefer the new.  I've never had a chance to hear the old ones myself.


I could be egregiously wrong on all counts, though.  I haven't kept up on headphone happenings for a while.

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