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Subwoofer Headache

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I have a Harman Kardon powered subwoofer, which is connected to an Onkyo amplifier and theatre surround speakers to my TV. Everything was working fabulously - until I decided to install the subwoofer cable under the floor. I got a shielded specialist cable with good jacks, cost a fortune, and it was manufactured tailor-made and sent from Germany (Mediabridge). I installed the cable - this was a somewhat longer cable than the original one that came with the subwoofer - and hooked everything up exactly as it was before. The system works perfectly, but the subwoofer won't go into stand-by anymore. I've tried everything, including lowering the volume, highering the volume, using the filter and not using the filter, reconfiguring the system sound levels via the Onkyo amplifier ... but nothing will encourage the subwoofer to go into stand-by mode after 40 minutes, as it's meant to and did do before installing the new cable. When I disconnect the cable (so there's no chance of an audio signal) the subwoofer then DOES go into stand-by. This is so frustrating. Some people have said just leave the sub on and forget about it, but it concerns me a little as the unit can get warm left on overnight, whereas going into stand-by allows it to cool down. The only remedy I have made so far is to turn the sub off at the power supply socket via a wireless adapter, but I'm concerned this won't do it much good long term. If anyone can help with this I would be truly very grateful.

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I suppose it's possible that your new setup is adding noise to the line so that the subwoofer doesn't turn off.

What make/model is your Onkyo? Is it an AVR? If so, what do you have the sub channel level set to?
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Thanks for responding. The Onkyo is the TX-SR607. Not sure what AVR means, but the sub volume level was set by the Onkyo supplied speaker level microphone and set-up program. I've tried turning the volume dial on the sub itself down to zero, medium and high - with no change, except when set to zero, the set-up program doesn't recognize it so cuts the sub out of the set-up completely.

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That's a good receiver smily_headphones1.gif

But what sub channel level did Audyssey set when you ran the room correction test tones? Could be your calibration is off on matching the sub gain (volume) and the receiver sub channel level.
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PM sent.
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