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Moving from Sonicstage to iBasso HDP-R10

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Hi All,


Firstly, please believe me when I say I am not a techie type as it is truely true.


I had been using Sony NW-HD5 players with Sonicstage, but due to issues with that set-up I decided it was time to buy something a bit more up-to-date. I have just bought an iBasso HDP-R10 that runs on Android so either I need to move my music library over to a different program or if possible - find a way to operate Sonicstage on the iBasso itself.


I have tried surfing but the results I found have left me baffled by jargon. Does anyone have any experience of doing this themselves, and if so would you be kind enough to help me? My current library was ripped onto the PC using Sonicstage but ripped in wav files. So each album is in wav file format and indexed in such a way that when transfered to the Sony player each album would be in the correct order for each artist. Hopefully that will stay in place if I have to transfer the library to a different music program that would suit the iBasso player.


If there is a way to convert the iBasso to operate Sonicstage, then that would be ideal. Better battery life being just one example as the atrac3 files use less power than mp3 files.


Hoping someone can help, and forgive my very basic knowledge of PC stuff as sound quality has always been my priority.


Fingers crossed... Becky

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Hello, Becky, and welcome to Head-Fi!

First, a disclaimer: I don't own an iBasso HDP-R10, and I've never used SonicStage. However, I can tell you that you simply cannot use SonicStage on the iBasso; the software was designed for use on a full-fledged computer running the Windows operating system. The R10 is a music player, one that features a basic operating system that's completely incompatible with any Windows software.

If I read you correctly, it seems to me you're also asking whether SonicStage could interface with the iBasso from the computer when the iBasso is connected to the computer. I am almost absolutely certain the answer is "No." I believe the software was designed to detect only Sony devices. You should be aware that SonicStage was an unpopular program that Sony discontinued several years ago, well before the R10 arrived.

An important note: my understanding is that iBasso provides its own music software, a program that comes pre-loaded on the HDP-R10. Once you've copied music files to the device, it's probably best to play the files using iBasso's program, since it's designed specifically to utilize the R10's hardware. It's possible to use many other Android programs--called "apps"--to play music, but you'd apparently sacrifice the high resolution the R10 can provide.

Wait a minute--you're asking how to transfer music files to the R10? Well . . . I don't know! biggrin.gif My guess is that the computer would detect the device and/or the memory card, letting you copy files to them as you would any other drive. Still, my hope is that you'll find the answer elsewhere on this site.

All right, here's some good news:

1. By many accounts you've got the single best-sounding portable audio player on the planet.

2. I'm jealous! tongue.gifbiggrin.gif

3. Your music is saved in WAV format, a format the player should read without problems.

If you haven't already, you'll want to read all the information pertaining to the iBasso DX100; it's nearly identical to the HDP-R10. To start you off, here's the FAQ:


Happy listening! smily_headphones1.gif

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Hi Brian,


Thank you for giving me all the info you have. I tried to transfer a couple of albums I had ripped to my PC using Sonicstage and had ripped them in wav format. When I play the albums on the HDP-R10 there is hiss that comes on and off every few seconds. So even though I have the files in wav format I cannot transfer them to the new player. I then ripped an album just using Windows media Payer and it played perfectly on the player. So it seems Sony have put some type of security feature onto the library its self. I knew they had security in place for when you transferred the Sonicstage library to the Sony atrac3 player.


I had ripped the CDs in wav format, hoping that they would be safe to use as wav files if I bought a new player, but those hopes seem to be in vain now. Looking like I will need to rip my entire library all over again, unless someone can provide me with a fix. I have also posted in the Sony Insider forums in the hope that someone there might now of something. As the HDP-R10 is android I hoped there might be a way of running an app or program to make it act like an atrac3 player. Sigh, life is so unfair with all the various software issues.


But thank you for helping me, I do appreciate it as I would hate to find out later that I could have done something to make the existing library useful.


Many thanks for now, Becky

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Yes, I definitely think it's a good idea to move away from SonicStage.

I'm sorry about your ripping difficulties; it seems like you've got a major project ahead. Here are probably the three most highly-regarded CD ripping tools:
-- Exact Audio Copy - free

-- dBpoweramp - $38, with 21-day trial

-- Foobar2000 - free

Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is widely used and highly recommended, both by audiophiles and regular users. Unfortunately, it appears EAC is no longer being actively developed, despite the fact that its website still works. Foobar2000 is a wonderful and fabulously versatile piece of software, but its ripping capabilities probably aren't on par with EAC or dBpoweramp.

Have fun! wink.gif

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