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Hi there! My name is Álvaro. I'm guitarist in Carving Colours, a spanish progressive metal band. We're going to release our first LP 'No way but forwards' very soon. I'd like to show you a video teaser of it. I hope you like it.


1 - Isolated Incidents (06:12)
2 - Martyr (07:16)
3 - The Envelope (01:09)
4 - It had to be done (08:30)
5 - Beheading the Hydra (06:52)
6 - No Way But Forwards (15:30)
I: Awake to the Aftermath
II: A debate upon the remains
III: Don't forget what brought us here
IV: Dawn of a New Day


If you liked it, you can visit our facebook page (, where we're posting more teasers, news about the LP, some photos of the 'making of' of the artork...

Have a nice day,