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Which DAC for DT770 250 ohm?

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Hey Guys, 


So after a personal journey of continuous buying cheapo headphones/earplugs. I thought, 'well you like sound so much, why don't you just buy a great headphone?' So got a Beyer Dynamic dt770 250 ohm and I am very happy. Got a FIIO E11 with it for portable use with my mp3 player. But the sound I get from the laptop is still not there. (Asus k73sv). 


I remembered having some Trust usb wireless headphones that had decent audio quality. (even better then I get now from the Beyer Dynamic in the normal audio sound card). So it really must be the crappy soundcard and higher impedance from the headphones ( I experience lack of bass thump, and nasty clipping). 


So I am looking for a USB Dac or some sorts. First I began looking for an extended soundcard like the Xonar U7. But then learned it wasn't really up to par for higher impedance headphones. Then looked into the HifimeDIY Sabre Dac (cheap, small). But thought... well maybe I just need to invest a bit more. So right now I am looking into the Aune T1 tube headphone amp. 

Then there are options of Audioquest Dragonfly, and the Audioengine D1. So I am kinda lost on what to do now. 


Can any of you give me recommendations on what to do exactly? I just want to have great sound (to enjoy movies, music)  and something that drives my Beyers very nice. I am leaning towards the Aune T1, but I am also open to other 'cheaper' products. I make use of a program called DFX audio enhancer which I like for tooling around with the sound. But learned that the settings could be much more conservative with the Beyer instead of the cheapo headphone. 


(Btw I have a fairly good understanding of vacuum tubes since I am a guitar player and have built several clones of famed guitar amps).  


Greetings Erik from Netherlands. 

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ELE EL-D01 USB DAC, sells on eBay for under $20 on eBay.

Plug the D01 into the laptop and the E11 into the D01.

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Thanks I ordered the Ele dac after reading some reviews.. thanks for the tip. 


The volume with the Fii0 is quite good (loud) and with some settings on the PC I can avoid clipping too much. It does sound better with some proper volume added. And I feel the heaphone is breaking in. I reckon a good deal of clipping (predominantly bass and sub bass) is also by the audio circuitry in the PC itself. Try to see how it goes with the Dac. 


I experienced more dynamic with the Fiio. Meaning softer and louder parts on the track are more highlighted. And also more headroom offcourse. A bit tighter sound. (this is with the normal audio settings on the laptop a bit down). 

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OK so I got the Ele HI-FI usb dac. And I am amazed... there is so much more headroom and bass production without clipping. Comparing my regular sound card to the Ele dac is like comparing 144p sound versus HD on a youtube channel. I have to get used to it since the bass thump is now so much more pronounced that it's almost overpowering. All in all it's smoother and fuller sounding.


At first I thought that the higher frequencies were attenuated by the DAC, but actually the bass frequencies were attenuated with the original PC sound card. That also explained the clipping on bass frequencies, the card was just not able to reproduce them. Now I can set the Fiio e11 on low gain, and low voltage, with no bass eq and it's still very loud and thumpy (settings on high are able to produce hearing damage really). Use it with a 1 meter USB cable, but have a 0.5m on order. 


I still need slight Audio enhancement for the treble frequencies though... the rest is off. Anyone got some suggestions on a good software equalizer? 

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Not sure if it has what your looking for, but check out Foobar2000.

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Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

Not sure if it has what your looking for, but check out Foobar2000.


with Wasapi or Asio

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