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Fidelia can rip SACD ?

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I`ve just read this short article on ripping SACD and DVD-A: 






The author seems to claim he rips SACD with Fidelia, specifically in this paragraph:



Ordinary CDs I convert using iTunes with its conversion set to one step higher than CD quality. 

SACDs and DVD-audio discs I convert using Fidelia. I first copy the CD to a temporary folder on the Mac’s disk. Then I create a new list in File Buddy and drag tracks 1 to 9 into the list. I set File Buddy to add a “zero” to the digits. This ensures a correct counting in the Fidelia Library. If the CD is part of an album, I make sure to also add “Disc 1-”, “Disc 2-”, etc. If I don’t, all tracks are messed up again.  Finally, I drag the files to a folder with the name of the composer, the artists, and if needed the music piece. Because the files are still in AIFF format at this time, I then drag them all to the Fidelia Library. I have Fidelia set up to automatically convert to 24-bit/96kHz FLACs (to save a bit of space — you could also set to convert to the same bit depth/frequency AIFF, but then you’ll end up with very large files)."


Am I misunderstanding something?  Can I somehow rip an SACD to 24bit using Fidelia ???  

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I thought an SACD could not be ripped by anything other than an old PS3 running custom firmware.  I guess one could record the outputs from a player too.


But otherwise I did not think SACD ripping could be done other than those two methods.

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Likely ripping the CD layer from a hybrid disc.

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