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Um, $h!t...

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So, tonight I was fixing my iPod fifth generation which had a broken headphone jack. When replacing the jack, I noticed that it wasn't screwed into the chassis like it was supposed to be in the first place. I figured "screw it, I'll just superglue the new one in". BIG mistake, as I find out after attaching my Rockit Sounds R-50s, and after 30 seconds of use, find them to be permanently affixed to the jack. Any ideas as to how I might get them out, aside from disassembling the iPod and destroying the jack?

I couldn't help but laugh at the whole thing when it occurred. xD
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Another question I would have to ask is how hard is it to recable these things? If it's not too bad, I might just man up, cut the cord, and do that.
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Acetone will dissolve superglue - but may also cause other unintended damage as well so proceed carefully.


Hope this helps.


Good luck,


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Try blow drier, heat up the jack enough to loosen the glue hold and pull the iem off.


Other route is getting a external amp.



edit: lol I just noticed your avatar after I re-read your problem

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Sorry but I laughed as well. There's nothing you can dissolve or heat without doing other damage. Knowing the super glue is very brittle, I would use small taps or shock to try and crack it hoping that there's actually very little actually causing this. I suspect you're do for a new jack and plug.

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Try to carefully use acetone with a q-tip and don´t forget tot turn off the problem, if you succeed let the ipod rest for a couple of hours until all the acetone evaporates away.

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