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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD650

Will Ship To: USA, Canada

Now For Sale (was an I.C.):

I hate to sell these, I really, really like them.  I can only use them at work, home = closed headphones.  I am thinking seriously about a desktop speaker rig for work, so I am selling these to help fund the speaker rig.


SOLDMint HD650's (I am second owner)

Inner box in excellent shape-

outer cardboard box and corrugated sleeve kinda hammered-


Buyer to pay shipping and PayPal - I will cover PayPal with the HD650's and any of the cables purchased with the HD650.


I will sell the balanced terminated stock cable and the custom cable separately, but buyer pays shipping and PayPal on a separate cable sale.



SOLD $325 with a barely used stock cable (no photo of this cable)


AVAILABLE $25 for an additional stock cable terminated in a 4 pin XLR, balanced configuration (no photo of this cable)


AVAILABLE $50 for a nice 4' long, hobbyist made hybrid wire single ended cable.  I can no longer find all the particulars on this particular cable, but it is a nice, light and flexible cable with boutique wire and Cardas Sennheiser connectors and a decent 1/8" plug.  Really a nice little cable.


Price is fair given what you are getting.  If you pitch an offer, and I don't counter back, assume I think it is way too low, and am following my mother's advice about what to do if you can't say something nice!


Please keep comments and negotiations to PM's, not posts within this thread.  Thank you!

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