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Help choosing a new setup

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Hello folks,


I've had an HD 650 for a long time now that I paired with a Qinpu A-3 and a Schiit modi and am planning to upgrade. I have a much bigger budget this time (~$2000 for DAC & amp combo) and am hoping to purchase an LCD 2 or 3 after I gather equipment, but need advice on what I'll need to bring out their full potential because I can't go anywhere I can hear this stuff for myself. For first impressions the Benchmark DAC-1 and Peachtree amplifiers seem very attractive, but I still can't make an informed decision because I've never heard them through an Audeze, or any other high tier headphone for that matter. Space is not a concern, but I want the constitution of the DAC and amp to be rigid and well-built. Other than that, I don't really care, and would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

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jus get beats they the best

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