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Apple Lossless / CD ripping / iMatch question

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I'm new to Head-Fi -- I've searched this subject, but can't seem to find a clear answer.


I've been buying CD's I really like and popping them in my Mac Pro tower and importing using Apple Lossless. Let's say I want to import Let it Be -- I'm prompted and asked if I want to import - and I've created preferences to import CD's as Apple Lossless -- and I see each song importing. Once importing is done, I see I have all the tracks in Apple Lossless. BUT -- then, iMatch takes over and my Lossless files seem to be replaced with 256 kbps audio files.


What am I missing? What's the proper way to import CD's to maintain Apple Lossless audio files?



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Another question our readers asked was what happens if your library is filled with higher quality rips, such as tracks encoded in Apple Lossless (ALAC) format. Matched tracks will still be in 256Kbps iTunes Plus format, while uploaded tracks will retain their original format. Tracks aren't replaced in either your iTunes library or on your devices unless you request them to be, so the lossless files in your main iTunes library will be safe. Sticklers might balk that matched tracks won't be available via iCloud in a higher-quality format, but if you don't require lossless quality on your mobile device, having access to smaller 256kbps AAC files via iCloud may be a benefit.


From http://arstechnica.com/apple/2011/06/what-you-need-to-know-about-itunes-match-your-questions-answered/


So there is probably something you can change in your iTunes settings

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I've read that - and understand it -- but how do I insure the lossless files are transferred to my iPod?

In iTunes, I can just create a column to show bit rate - and then I can see the lossless files.
- but I want lossless files to transfer to my iPod. I'm guessing I have to make a playlist just for lossless files.

I'm going to look later to see if the original lossless files are still there - I could have sworn they disappeared.
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When your iPod is connected, there is an option to down convert high bit rate files. Make sure that's not checked.

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Thanks! I'll look for that.
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I had the same issues with balancing iTunes Match and a big lossless collection. As long as I don't delete anything in iTunes after the match process completes, the lossless files stick around and will transfer to the iPod in their original lossless (ALAC) state. But! If I delete the files or transfer my library, I end up stuck with the 256kbps versions from Match. Just have to be sure to let Match run and not disturb any original files. I screwed up early on and deleted all my original files to rely on my Match library, lesson learned.

Adding to the Match frustrations, I've even wound up with censored versions of songs in Match when my original was the explicit version... So watch out for that too.
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Thanks. I did some experimenting and I think I was deleting some things - so I re-ripped those CD's again. I'm enjoying lossless so much more now. I just picked up a ALO International and paired it with a Solo db - fantastic sound.

Thanks again for the help.
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