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I need to read your post and give it a good answer but the short answer for now is no. The Roxanne is warmer than neutral. And yes all FP . And I have one pair of 16 non FP.

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Also to my ears, all JH13, 16 and roxanne have similar overall mid and treble tuning, just some variances here and there. Obviously, they will sound different when A/Bing with each other, but they definitely go into the same category when compared to CIEMs from other companies like hidition, noble, spiral ear, earsonics or fitear.

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With two experienced owners describing the Roxanne differently, it makes me wonder what the Roxanne would sound like if 2 of the 8 mid drivers failed.

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No it's a good discussion the guy is saying what he hears as I am. Let's face it we all hear a little different and our amps , dacs , daps , and music flavor effects this outcome.

This is why some reviewers I agree with and others nope.

And the fact that no one here has badgered each other or started to picking on my grammar is a good thing.

I get the jh sound they do have that part. But the 13 is not as full as the Roxanne . Maybe thin is the wrong term . But there is a distinct difference in presentation to me.

Where the Roxanne seems more powerful , but the 13 has the most detail . Honestly the Roxanne's are an improvement in some ways but do the overall sound I use a little EQ
To make them what I want. And my testing per say was done with bass. At min setting to make it what I thought was equil. When you turn up the bass it gets warmer and mess in over all details. Now where do you keep the bass when evaluating them in a comparison ?

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True, listening to the same ciems will vary on each listener, the amp and the source used. Not to mention the kind of music and individuals preferences (bias).
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Proof we all hear different a must watch. And feel free to comment when done , there will be questions.

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For me, I just turn the bass to the volume that balances up the best to the overall presentation for my taste. That is great bass impact and quantity but doesn't affect the fullness in the mid and sparkle in the treble, relatively. About 30-40% gain normally. Not too little either which can bring out so much more sibilance.

Yes EQ will indeed work
Have a try: +3 db at 2.5 k Hz, -4 db at 8k Hz.+2-3 above 12k hz
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Yes me too reg EQ. Good discussion .

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Interesting comment about sibilance.  Is anyone else having that issue?


Nothing's catching me out w/ that... in fact I boosted 8khz when I temporarily eq'ed.  I seem to recall it was something like: -2 250, -1 @ 500, +1 @ 2k, +3 2.5k + 1 @ 4k, +2 @ 8k.   

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I was going to buy the K10 first and the Roxanne later after to floods subsides , well the people representing them I emailed to ask about the sound setting. And they were very honest and very well informed. I own there other iem the 8A

It is a rally good CIEM both quality and sound , but not for me. I have to use heavy EQ to get them to where I like them.
Now the K10 according to them is not the same and improved greatly but along the sound of them. They advised me of another model to buy. And the rest is Roxanne history. I still would like to at least listen to a demo one .

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No screeching here either. I really think most iems do not do this but poor amping and most likely dacs cause this to happen .

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Originally Posted by tupac0306 View Post

In what department you find roxanne is better than JH13 FP? JH13 FP for me is more tonal accurate. It has more neutral mid presentation and linear treble that extends way further than roxanne. JH13 has more micro detail, and transparency. The soundstage width is about the same size as roxanne. The roxanne does have a more sense of depth. JH13 FP presents clarity with better balanced/combined resolution and brightness. In contrast, roxanne has a peak at 7-8 K and then roll off pretty badly, so although it does sound like it has greater instant clarity/detail because of the lifted brightness, it can make some songs sound harsh/sibilant and lack of transparency. Increasing the bass does help, but then it make the mid and treble sound more dull. Roxanne has better bass than JH13 for me because I am a hip hop fan and I am a fan of good quality of bass, but some people might not like the bass gain. 


JH16 FP on the other hand, doesn't have as extended treble as JH13.  I prefer it over roxanne because the mid is not recessed to the extent of roxanne's. Without bass, the frequency response of roxanne sounds so like the old verison of JH16. 


I will have to wait for the custom version of my K10 too. The demo I auditioned have similar technical ability of JH13 but with a more accurate and neutral tuning to my ears.

Good discussion, tupac and al, thanks.


I'm interested in what you've said about the tonal balance, since that's important to me. Some audiophiles I trust have had the same issues with the Roxanne's tonality after having heard it. I'm looking forward to hearing it with an open mind and ears.

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Originally Posted by tupac0306 View Post

K10 is very famous in its bass department.

This much I can confirm from owning the custom-fit K10. It's certainly not bass-lite at all.

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Originally Posted by tupac0306 View Post

Choose pay by check. they will send you an invoice then transfer through paypal

I did the same thing, but instead of them sending an invoice they just told me to send the money over to their Paypal account with my order ID in the message description.
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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

Other than bass. How would you rate them.
Tonal accuracy



I didn't listen for an extended amount of time, around 10 minutes each, hard to say

I did feel the Roxanne's were the best all around but I tend to prefer that sound. A warmer more full bodied sound, whereas the k10 seemed a bit more relaxed and the ue18 felt like a mix of the 13/16, but with a smaller soundstage

Again this was from only a short time demoing from the supplied AK240s and tracks
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