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New JH Audio flagship! "Siren Series Roxanne" - Page 299

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Not delivered yet.
I have not rec an update yet and when I look it's still
On truck
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Delivered. Going now to pick up

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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

Delivered. Going now to pick up


Don't get a speeding ticket redface.gif

We'll will be waiting for some pics and praise smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by leiter View Post

Speak for yourself ;-)

What do you know man? We get to listen to ambient music with a click. Whole different experience dawg! haha xD

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Stayed tuned I have them.
Pics to come but a quick look and they are fantastic
To look at
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Originally Posted by chrispat88 View Post

My order was changed to clear cable 2 weeks ago.

But.... Surprise surprise

It's the new nuts black cable that was shipped out with my Roxanne.


Just fyi for anyone is my boat:
I changed my order to clear cables 2 weeks ago, but haven't receive them. Emailed Angie yesterday and asked to change back to the black cable if it was going to take a while. She replied today and said mine are scheduled to ship out in the next 2 weeks. Nothing about the cables, but I have to assume they will be black since that's what seems to be shipping. Mine are not FC by the way.
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Ok here are pics. I did not look at with magnifier or Brite light . But looks perfect to me

Next is sound and fit .

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Ok and now for sound. First off I got the black cables and plastic nuts so we all know where this is going. Next I eed a refit on both ears. Sorry. I can do something with soft raps for now. But I they both are screwed up the canal s are way to short and narrow .

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Looking good! Now having seen it, I think I would get them totally bare if I were to do CF as well.
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Anyone used Roxanne's with an iPhone and a Chord Hugo?  Interested in the synergy among them, if any.

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Congrats on the Roxanne. They look good. Yeah the cable is not going to last long. Mine has broken, both sides. Sorry about the refit...

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Fit issues . Yes this is the same set of ears . Hard to beleave , lol.

Anyway update even though they look nothing like any outher CIEM. with soft wraps that they gave me hahahaha

They do seal well enough to sound awesome . They have clarity and impact that I did not think was possible with iems.

Hey Russ you will be happy my man !! Is the case I have the one they always had or is it a new version. And please no rumors just asking. Oh and the bass is flat all the way down. Love over gold dire straits flac from sacd rip. Wow they way the drums roll. Nothing is worth waiting as last year in a personnel way has shown this to me. Bit these damn CIEMS shure make me think maybe something's. I will post more later. I will have to play with some others iem,s I have to get a better bead on comparisons , but for me the jh audio sound with these gets me neer to HD800 in detail and speed. . NOT staging but for us audio guys these will be great on a train traveling about in NYC . So who cares how I look with pockets full of equipment over 3400 . How crazy are we anyway. smily_headphones1.gif

Hope this makes most here feel better it most defiantly has made my week so far.

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Refit it's a damn redo LOL. Anyway the sound is worth the wait. .

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Wow..can't believe that's from the same set of ear impressions. lol look like they have shrank a lot.

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Congrats Al! Mine were small on both sides as well. Not sure how that happens but I got new impressions and sent them in along with the Roxanne's for the refit. Its been almost two weeks since I sent them back and haven't heard anything, so it looks like some more waiting is in your future, Al. That's assuming the first re-fit attempt works. Ugh! 


Its too bad a more competent company doesn't make IEMs that sound this good. Anyway, at least you get a taste to hold you over for awhile. They look nice! 

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