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Just bought the CAL! 2. I already have the CAL! 1


First impressions: 


 - Bigger soundstage, noticed immediately

 - Bass sounds boomy at first, maybe need some burn-in?

 - VERY comfortable

 - Build quality much better than CAL! 1

 - Earcups larger than CAL! 1, nice!


I will update my views on the bass. Maybe modding will help?


Bottom line, nice upgrade from the CAL! 1

Only had these for about a week. I modded them with foam in the cups about a day after I got them to reduce bass & false bass. I used a replacement cable that I didn't get right away, about two days after. I did a lot of burn in with different music genres, frequency sweeps & some pink noise. Yesterday I decided to take out the foam in the cups mod & they sound great. The bass has reduced to good level, not being too much for me. The highs can get a little distorted at higher volumes. Is there a mod that can fix that? So, burn in actually works with these headphones.

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