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Crazy idea, but I decided to put some Grado G-cushions on mine. They make the CAL2 sound more like a Grados, if you're into that. And by that, I mean it kills the bass and makes them mid and treble freaks. Also, they sound extremely open and feel really nice / lightweight on the head. I'm going to try to tape the sides of the pads and see how it affects the bass and overall tightness in the sound. But I guess they're okay if you want a break from the typical CAL2 dark sound signature.




That's a Creative mod! :regular_smile :

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I am late to the party ( again ) But i got these for 45 USD brand new.. So i pulled the trigger before knowing anything about these really. I knew the first Cal! was good for the money but í thought the cal2 was a bit expensive at the release. Turned out these are pretty good and will fit just right in my collection :)

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Just picked up a pair of these for $99CAD which is about as good a price I have ever seen on these in Canada. Didn't need them and should have NOT bought them. But sitting in the car testing them out and dang they have a nice sound to them. The mids seem a bit dipped and the treble a bit less extended compared to what I have been using lately Z7/Z5 but there is a bit of similarity in the signature. I will let these burn in for a couple days and see what happens.
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For the price of the cables I bought the silver/copper cable plus an iphone cable from Luna Shop. I suspect the silver/copper cable will enhance the treble a bit and tame the bass a smidge which would a good combination of changes.


Having said that I am comparing the Live 2 against my Z7 as I type using the song After the Thrill is Gone by the Eagles and the Live 2 is the spiritual little brother of the Sony Z7!. I am noticing a slightly bassier sound in the Live 2 but only by just a smidge. The Midrange is a bit thicker and softer but again by only a bit. The treble is similarly slightly less detailed and slightly rolled off but again the differences are not huge. I am noticing similar sound stages and VERY similar 3D imaging. Overall for $100 the Live 2 would be my overwhelming recommendation for anyone wanting a similar sound to the Z7 but are on a tight budget. If the silver/copper cable does what I expect it will the Live 2 might be the perfect poor mans answer to the Z7! BTW the Z7 is definitely more posh and comfortable but again the Live 2 is still very comfortable unless you have large ears.


I will wait until I have played with the cables I have ordered but I might also try the MOD mentioned in the threads as well if I think it will bring the Live 2 even closer to the Z7 in sound.


As I typed this a Diana Krall tune kicked in (Where or When). This song showed a warmer presentation in Diana's voice as compared to the Z7 and the fine drum kit work was definitely not as detailed but still very enjoyable. Until I try some more things I will definitely say Little Brother for now.

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OK, Pink Floyd, Interstellar Overdrive shows similar 3D positioning but the Z7 has a much larger sound stage compared to the Live 2. So the Live 2 is starting to feel more like just the smaller brother. If I didn't also own the Z5 this might be my portable headphone solution (and still might be in the winter when I want to keep my ears warm :D ). But I might try this when I sleep (back sleeper) versus the Z7. I also will wait until I have tested the cables I ordered before final judgement.

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