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Realisic Nova 45

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I picked up some old realistic portable phones, in mint condition. at a  thrift  along with a  Sony  discman I have to say they sound as good if not  better than the Koss titanium driverheadphones I once had.


The bass is tight and the highs are crisp. Maybe a bit on the bright side but not overtly so. They lack the rattle the koss had I can hear the sticks hitting the drums and extra detail that the sony MDRZX300's I have and the audiology and Nakamichi cans don't even pick up, or don't pick up as well.


I can even hear the cymbals ring in some loudness war plagued tracks. Sadly they make all my low resolution Mp3 CD's sound even muddier. 


They are completely open so there is no isolation, if I put my hands over the grilles they sound muddy and hollow. 


I was going to get the koss port a pro's but I don't think I need them now. I heard they break too easy.

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There's a chance they may indeed be Koss drivers since Koss did OEM a few of the radio shack things as far as i know. I know the ones you are talking about and have always been curious about those.  Thanks very much for posting with  these great impressions.


PS do you know if the driver is 40mm or?  These were introduced in '85 @ $24.95, samarium cobalt magnets and 20-20,000 hz.

 A lot of the others in the small portable range seemed to only go as low as 50 hz.

 Great score!

( was just dowsing the Radio Shack catalog archive. )

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I think they may be 30 MM the foam pads are glued on so I cant get a look at the driver. The phones had a retro walkman style thing going on, that's why I bought them. got surprised by the sound. The bass is rolled off but it's still there 


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