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The cable on my GR07 BE snapped at the headphone jack and after waiting 2 weeks to hear back from Vsonic, i got impatient and went ahead and soldered on a new headphone jack.

The jack that i purchased is the Viablue T6s small I thought this would be perfect for the size.. I didn't think about spec wise... as i am pretty new to this.


Long story short, the soldering was done clean and everything works. It looks great. The problem is the sound quality. While i do hear a huge improvement over the jack change, I feel i am not getting enough power to the earphones. All the bass that I once had is now suppressed and the mids and the treble are more upfront.  I am not sure why this happened or if I need to get a larger plug.


The way i soldered the wires are as follows.

Ground (silver/red)    >      ground posting

wires with stripes     >      ground posting

light blue                 >      right head phone

light gray                 >      left headphone (might be vise verse)


Was this done correctly?


I appreciate any help i can get.