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help me choose a tube amp

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so pretty soon, i'll be getting a HD650, and something tells me i will soon be looking at a tube amp as well. 


i am new to tube amps. so i did quite a bit of research. 


with a budget of roughly around $300~$400. it seems my choices are 


1. Bottlehead Crack

2. WooAudio 3

3. La Figaro 336C

4. Schiit Valhalla


i was really leaning towards Valhalla due to domestic made, and built quality, and awesome design. but the more i read and research into it, it seems Valhalla sounds more like a Solid State amp than what one would expect from a tube amp. so i am starting to shy away from the Valhalla as a choice. 


i am really leaning towards the Crack now, due to it's reasonable cost vs value. reviews have me starting to believe that it's one of, or if not, the best bang for the buck for the price range. then there is also La Figaro 336C, which comes close to the Crack, but lacks in sound stage width. 


what i am really looking for is a Tube Amp that'll give me that quintessential tube sound, AND a BIG soundstage. i am totally into big soundstage in my open canns. as you can see from my list of canns. 


my only grip with the Crack is that it's DIY, i prefer not to solder anything on my own, and rather buy it already made. so that's a problem. 


any help would be appreciated. the hadphones will be used can be found in my signature. but mainly will be HD650, HD598, and mayabe, just maybe AD900X occasionally just for fun, why not.  

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Easy choice bottlehead crack.  Perfect with the hd650.  If you want it already made buy it on the for sell forms.

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I agree.  Get the Crack.  You can have it assembled for you, just contact Bottlehead and they can help you out.

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i just ordered a HD650, and will be keeping my eye on for a used Crack on the for sale forum. 



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