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For Sale: [FS:] Rockit R-50 $80/ Redgiant A03 $55

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For Sale:
[FS:] Rockit R-50 $80/ Redgiant A03 $55

Will Ship To: WORLDWIDE $20 shipping insured

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I've just realised that I don't use these anymore. They're all great iems with their own different signatures and as much as I'd like to keep them, as much do I want to buy a pair of CK100pro. And my ASG-2 and UE900 get most of my time right now. So here goes nothing.

If you buy both of them, I'll let them go for $135, shipping and fees included. (Which should be about $25 discount).

Vsonic GR07 mk II - $90 Mint condition, really. These have about 70h of burning in and maybe 150h of listening. Thought I wanted to own a pair just because they're awesome. All tips included except for the smallest hybrids. Ear guides missing (my cat chewed on them). Original pouch. No box. I'm selling these cheap because I also have GR07 mk I that my friend borrowed from me. First one to PM and pay will get these. 

Rockit R-50$80 Very good condition. No signs of wear. However I'm the second owner of these. I've listened maybe 100h. 3 sizes of stock tips and a pair of very lightly used comply TS mediums. Original case. No box. No airline attenuator (didn't get that one). I'm keeping a fairly high price simply because I like these so much. If I don't get the $80 + shipping (which is pretty much, the better deal would be to buy more than one of my iems as the shipping rate is a firm $20) then I'm just going to keep them.

Sennheiser IE8 - SoldVery good condition. No signs of wear. Second owner here as well. I know they've been loved a lot but they're in excellent shape. Most of the tips included. A few single flanges are missing but I'm throwing in a pair of medium Auvio tips. Cleaning/bass port tool included. Original case.

Redgiant A03 - $55 Very good condition. One little sign of wear. The writing on the inside of the iems <head> is getting a bit lighter. Nothing on the outside. I think all of the tips are included. Might be missing the small yellow ring. These have quite an odd fit but they sound interesting and very different. iPhone compatible control/mic. 

You pay the fees on paypal/gift. The shipping is $20 worldwide for any of the iems, even if you buy all of them! (includes insurance, if you like taking risks we could discuss the shipping fee although I'm reluctant to send 2 iems without insurance). Feel free to ask questions here, PM or simon.stegerlind@gmail.com


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I am interested in the Sennheisers. I have sent you a PM but I do not post often, so I am limited to 2 posts per day. Could you please PM me if they are still available. Thanks very much.

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I just replied. :)

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Hello everybody. I'm writing to all of you who responded on the IE8. Quite a few. Just to be fair and give everybody a chance and so I don't have to wait for confirmation. I'm going to have a highest offer instead. From this minute you receive this until 8 hours from now, the highest best offer will get to buy. The winner has another 8 hours to pay. I.e. if you have a normal sleeping pattern you should be able to fit this into your daily schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience and the hassle but of course I want these sold at the highest price I can get being a poor student and a young father. The shipping is still $20 with and additional $5 for each extra iem. I will try to update during these 8 hours on the best offer. So subscribe to the thread for updates and check in sometime. The changes will be in the original post, not comments, I don't like to spam.


A repeat here. At 15:00 GMT the best offer ends. The highest offer has until 23:00 GMT to pay. That's 8 hours in between if I'm not mistaking.


Again, sorry for the inconvenience and inconsistency.




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Added pictures for those who want to look. Had to pack up my DSLR that was packed down for a sale. But here they are.


Sennheiser IE8 sold.

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GR07 mk II sold

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