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Av-40 vs z623-vs promedia

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After reading for the last 2 month im still stuck..



Promedia from klispch is now owned be audiovox and i heard they put a cheaper amp and sub driver considering it a 6.5 inch.. 180$


Z623 Amp overpower the sub... 2 years warantly   Idk if the speaker are good for music?  80$ refurbish 140$ new  more bass 7 inch


Av-40 140$      Do these thing play loud??? I want to play them everywhere when i mean everywhere is camping chalet home outdoor on a atv  etc..



Im a gamer but in appartment so the sub is only needed at chalet...      Sound quality?  I Listen to everything from 1940 to todays in mp3- flac i try to get 320kps at least.. When i mean everything it everything...   Ok probably not mozart and beethovenn lol but that another story...




Im waiting for your advice all :)  Dayton Audio B652 any good ??? amp bookshelf is interresting my budget is max 200$ 



Thank you

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Just seen JBL LSR305  powered look pretty nice any idea on them? :confused_face_2:

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Get a pair of the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers. Better than the Dayton speakers. See this Stereophile review: http://www.stereophile.com/content/pioneer-sp-bs22-lr-loudspeaker

Given your budget, I would match those with either the Topping TP21 or TP31, or the Indeed TA2020 or TA2021, depending on whether you are willing to spend the extra money for a little more power. The Topping and Indeed amps are better build quality and have a bit better SQ than the Lepai amp that is often recommended with the Dayton speakers. I previously owned the Promedias, and would choose this setup over them unless you are determined to have the extra thump that the Promedia sub would add to lower frequencies. Otherwise, the Pioneers will have good midbass and a more refined sound overall.
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get z623......

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I have the AV-40's. They are loud enough for me, but they distort after a certain point. I leave the volume on the speakers at 12 o'clock and then control the levels with Windows or the sound source (Youtube, MusicBee, VLC, etc.). When I crank the music and Windows I can dance away while I'm in the kitchen making dinner or washing up and I don't hear any noticeable distortion or unwanted artefacts. When I enter the living room again to change the album, the volume is loud, but it's not ear-damaging levels like my tube amplifiers can be. The sound is never overbearing. Of course, it would be uncomfortable to sit in front of it at those levels, but I've heard louder set-ups.


As far as the sound quality, they're solid. I'm limited by my onboard motherboard audio, but I'm satisfied. They seem to wake up with a little more volume, but I find speakers generally sound better at louder levels. I don't like my headphones/in-earphones to be loud as I tend to feel claustrophobic and anxious. They don't put out that much bass, but increasing the levels means you push more air and can feel the impact of the music, movie or video game. I use them for all three and have not been disappointed. At first I was a little concerned with the lack of bass, but I was used to 5.1 with a subwoofer. After a few weeks I became accustomed to the M-Audio's and now I enjoy listening to them.


The quality is solid, but I have noticed a few issues. Nothing to write home about. They're about as rugged as you should expect for £100. I would happily recommend them, but I don't know what to compare them to. The sound signature is neutral, the way I like it. The bass boost on the back is useful. Remember to crank them a bit.

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