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I understand that the audio bit-rate for 720p and 1080p is the same. Apparently, I've been downloading all my music off Youtube just by utilizing a program which converts it to mp3. Am I doing it wrong? My music choices are pretty obscure since I mainly listen to anime music and so on.


What is the correct way of downloading music off Youtube though since I read on another thread that converting the videos to mp3 actually hurt the audio quality once converted. Here is the copy and paste of from where the thread I read it from.


How to capture YouTube at Max Quality. (This is educational and not meant for "copyright Infringement")
The Goal of any qudio recording is Purity. This is my method for preserving bit perfect from the small limited audio quality from YouTube.
Things NOT to do As in 2013:
1. Do not Use YouTube to MP3 converted, or any convertion.
2. Do not use any other codec than H.264 AAC as the others codecs the audio is very poor on youtube servers.
3. Do Not capture from YouTube's browser player.
These are my rough steps:
1. Download the entire H.264 video at MAX quality, lucky best if you get 1080p or "Original" which is AAC LC VBR 192kbs plus. This can be done through many methods & software, main thing directly capture the video file from youtube with no convertion.
2. DEMUX (demultiplexing not convert) the AAC LC audio track from the H.264 video file, this can be done through many method MP4Box being the most well known.
3. Repack the AAC LC file into a ".M4A" file which will provide compatibility and metadata.
4. Add Meta Data & album art into .M4A file, Finnished.
In my method at no point was the audio file from the Youtube Video converted thus no corruption occured. From my experience even using the best H.264 hardware converting the ACC LC still is degraded from the original. Remember Purity.

So how exactly should I download my music off youtube without damaging the audio quality? I understand that iPods can play M4A as well and I plan on sticking away from FLAC and WAV file since iPods do not support it. 


I just recently purchased GR07s so I want the best audio quality possible from my iPod.