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See if you can get some free trials, on Rdio and Google Play. I had a month on Google and 3 months on Rdio. My ranking would be 1- Rdio, 2- Google, 3- Spotify

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Never tried Rdio, I am gonna look into that.

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I use Pandora and Rhapsody.  After using Rhapsody for over a year I thought I might be missing something so I tried Spotify, MOG and Sony.  After trying the others, I found I still liked Rhapsody the best.  I chose Rhapsody primarily for the user interface, they have a stand alone player for the PC which looks a little dated but it works great..  The feature I really like is the ability to build a personnal Library (think iTunes).  It sorts your library by Artist then by Album and I find that very convient.  In the stand alone player, you can add your personal music collection to the music you download from Rhapsody and treat it as one music Library. You can play any/all of it through the Rhapsody player. You can even create playlist which combine your music and the Rhapsody downloads.


On the downside, Rhapsody streams at 256 (premium) so Spotify and MOG have the advantage there. But for me, Rhapsody's superior UI outweighed the higher bit rate of the others.


There are some differences in each of their music catalogs, none of them had everything that I looked for so I think there will always be some trade offs there.  Rhapsody had as much of the music I listen to as any of the others (Jazz, Blues, Rock) so advantage or disadvantage there.


I posted this because no one else had mentioned Rhapsody and I like it well enough to give it a recommendation.  If you are looking at streaming services it is worth giving it a try.

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Got both MOG and Spotify. Love them for what they are , compressed internet music.

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