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I was disappointed with the QC of the ED3. Seems like more than one person has a bad wire/driver on theirs like mine. I'd have to pay return and sending shipping costs for a replacement, so it isn't worth it.


Tingo does seem to make some quality stuff though.

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Originally Posted by bhazard View Post

I was disappointed with the QC of the ED3. Seems like more than one person has a bad wire/driver on theirs like mine. I'd have to pay return and sending shipping costs for a replacement, so it isn't worth it.

Tingo does seem to make some quality stuff though.
Man that really stinks that you got a junk pair. I really enjoy mine more and more. I'll rank them ahead of the ax-35 but just below the kc06. They really do have a defined, bright, midcentric sound that I think you would enjoy.
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Don't sleep on the Sony mdr-ex58v. You can get them on eBay for $15 usd and they are amazing.

Hearing is believing. Give these a chance, I think many who read this thread will be mesmerized by just how good these sound.
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Originally Posted by Hisoundfi View Post

Don't sleep on the Sony mdr-ex58v. You can get them on eBay for $15 usd and they are amazing.

Hearing is believing. Give these a chance, I think many who read this thread will be mesmerized by just how good these sound.

There was a seller here is California, so I bit.
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Originally Posted by Kamakahah View Post

There was a seller here is California, so I bit.
I look forward to your impressions. I'm confident you'll feel like it's $15 well spent. I guess they are discontinued. I ordered an extra pair, and bought several pairs of them for friends and coworkers.

They respond well to amplifiers, have great soundstage and are slim profiled. I love them because I can rest my head on a pillow with them in. They have a junky little in line volume control that can come in handy, but I just leave mine turned all the way up. Think jvc ha-fx40 with less extreme of a v signature, less but more controlled bass, not as bright and sibilant, and with better and more detailed mids.
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I realized that I don't have a throw around pair anymore for bed and to just throw in my pocket. Today also being father's day, I thought it couldn't hurt to gift myself a little something ūüėČ
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Happy father's day my friend.

I actually picked myself up a pair of ath-im50s because I was a good dad this year...muahahahaha

I was bouncing back and forth between my VSD1, mdr-ex58v,and gr07 BE and I gotta say, although the vsonic ceo said the vsd1 is tuned to sound like the gr07 BE, the mdr-ex58v is closer to sounding similar. The gr07 BE is better than both, but not a whole lot more than these budget hidden gems.
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whose biting ūüėĀ
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More expensive than DUNU2k =/

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Originally Posted by mochill View Post


whose biting ūüėĀ



Looks like Tralucent 1plus2


Here's a review. Hopefully a Korean speaker can translate.



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Originally Posted by sithjedi333 View Post



Looks like Tralucent 1plus2


Here's a review. Hopefully a Korean speaker can translate.



Here you go, courtesy of Google:


* Listening environment consists of the following:


PC: Apple Macbook Pro Retina (Audirvana, 192kHz / 24bit FLAC)

Toslink Cable: WireWorld Nova 6

Interconnect Cable: Van Den Hul The Name

Headphone Amp: Graham Slee Solo SRG II

DAC: Matrix Mini-i, Hisonus LivOn UFO DSD

Portable DAP: Apple iPhone 5S, iPod Classic, iPod Nano 7



're Different classes of competitors

I almost do not abroad fastball called human ear buds, headphones are a certain amount of publicity, or does not find the product. Head pie. Org new threads featured in national income are not generally very slow or because the income is often enough for me to chewy spectacle. But now, I feel that the flow is changing. More reviews a variety of activities to increase gradually gamyeonseo importers, manufacturers to meet the new batdeon much attention abroad only because it increases the chance encounter.

The opportunity to hear one of my hands now that the Fidue A83 earphones. 
Foreign country is almost unknown, but the name of the superior sound a little high-end products ticking yijiyo Chinese companies. Pidyu (Fidue) is also famous for the sound quality is not like Chinese products, but expensive (?) Also plays for the price did not go down too well. Published on their Facebook page A83 of the expected price of $ 350, and the continent as a great confidence in the brand comes out. The company is confident that revenue from domestic mass production borrowed from the same A83 is a sample product. Domestic and abroad, because the state has not been officially released yet, I feel refreshed now facing a rare item that is in writing.

Published to date information about A83 Armor has two balanced treatment (BA) drivers and one dynamic driver (DD) and 3-Way configuration is that it uses the network. Contents of the package specification data is not accurate without earphone carrying case and only state body. However, at least this time I borrowed products are in mass production and sound design is complete and high-quality cable is connected.

A83 First let's look at the contenders will be a challenge. 
The product is not the same price. 've Got to be compared with AKG K3003. 3-Way hybrid configuration and the network is the same shape as I thought that. Heard the sound of the A83 directly, but after that I think has changed. Personally, K3003 and the direction of the sound is completely different tune bopnidaman resolution and three-dimensional, such as separation of the various elements of a comprehensive haebomyeon enough about the competition possible. The problem is that 'sound in the direction "of the different A83 K3003 and it is hard to choose only one. Colorful and vibrant as the Palace of Versailles, unlike K3003, A83, and the emphasis on comfort and natural balance I think the pursuit of sound. Look to put on a separate line, and that line also shows a very good price-performance ratio. All components still can not say for sure did not see the first two times the standard also seemed to be the price tag. (Up to 3 times difficult to map ...?)

Gold + Red + Blue

A83 is a high-quality design and finish afraid I need some adaptation to color. Connected to a high-quality cable base (possibly hidden lines) and the earphone plug is a metal enclosure (housing) of the outside is made of metal.However, the closer the color is usually gold, whether you want to clearly distinguish the left and right earphones inside the enclosure is transparent red, blue ... it is made. It's like ... mana potions left ear, right ear, I feel like you put healing potions. And this seems to be the color combination of the decisions. If a new version comes perhaps Unless A83, mass production is probably 'Gold + Red + Blue' union will come out.

Slowly put this stuff on your desk looking at the videos, "There you are this far continent ..." I feel that. 
Brand image is weak, as yet, they've made on the results of high-end look with a strong impression that'm close. Have you ever listened products being released later A83 comes with a high-quality cable is connected to A83 Please pick one. This feeling of completeness and design of the product will feel. In particular, a high-quality cable that comes standard with the design and finish is amazing. Money seems to be more than 100,000 won palahdo separate cable A83 is also an important role to play sound. Not too bright, too dark in tone neutral colors make gives, will give a more polished thick high density. Also, because it is standard MMCX connector A83 cable can be replaced freely.

Combination of high resolution and reverberation
Transparent tone and naturalness
Strong three-dimensional space extends to


High-resolution, high efficiency


But the appearance is in A83 custom sound earphone (in-ear monitors for professionals) exudes a lot of nuances. To represent the ears and touches resolution set to high sensitivity dwaeteumyeo enough to connect any device made naedorok feel good sound. The high resolution of appreciation from all registers can be found in the $ 350 to increase its level can jump over. If you compare yourself to level 2 +1 hybrid configuration of custom earphones I hope it look.Equipped with a separate headphone amplifier does not need to connect the DAP still hear the high-end side of the A83 to help demonstrate the potential to abort. When I hear the iPhone 5S is connected to a volume of about 35-40% has been watching.


Gradually, each emphasizing a balanced range earphone


If your goal is to reproduce the original sound flat sounding for it would be the most effective way. But the sound is closer to flat listening pleasure is also true that this decline. Monitoring the quality of the music as much as the person to further amplify the emotion of the music we've got lots of people to hear. A83 to look into these standards monitored by default, even in somewhat close but emotional music can put foot. Although it is not perfect and flat. Out. Tuned bass well balanced proportion gakkaunde earphones, smiling. Out. Highlighted part seems a little low on self.Emphasizes the width of the flat was very slow, but rub gently placed simsimham to break the sound seems to. And gently highlighted in the bass.



Reverb delivers a feeling of fullness


Shaved close but that monitoring is an emotional high-A83. Midrange is also because with the reverb. This is slightly slower response means that there is also a highlight, and harmonics. Comfortable and natural to enjoy music for a long time, but was sweating very calmly and coolly, or feel it is not accurate. More detailed description filled with feelings of overwhelm that should win. Close analogy bother analog than digital sound, try it. Or like a tube amp, and I hope it. However, the sound is not warm dewooji. To hit 18 to 20 degrees Celsius degrees, with cool and pleasant feel warm and mild fall this afternoon.


Play this classic specialty / clear treble without irritation


I thought this product would be to continue to listen to music. Maybe the A83 is specialized in classical music playing I want it or not. Maintain proper overall balance of the orchestra, while the scale of a magnificent bass, and a separate and delicately. Mids of stringed instruments, wind instruments vividly draws all parts. All of this sounds onerous without suspense is drawn broadly comfortable and enjoyable listening to classical music made a point. But also clearly depicted in bright treble but without stimulation enhance the satisfaction. (This is based on genuine when using the cable.)


Odorless, colorless, transparent tone and naturalness


Listening to music with high quality A83 dwaeteumyeo shot composition and subject, color and fitted with all the pictures I also felt like what you see. Rather, the basic sound was obtained by resolution of the overall effort to increase the completeness and seemed to tilt. One of them is difficult to fit in a hybrid earphones 'unity of tone' is.Armor balanced treatment to control the bright tones of voice with the dynamic driver is well-matched. Thanks to the almost colorless, odorless, transparent tone shows This is said to be a hybrid if one earphone I hope for God. A83 transparent tone and naturalness are the most important keywords, so tired of hearing while listening to its sound can give you inspiration.


* If forced to hold carefully accusations mulreong the sound may feel a little bored, or flowerbed.Select the correct sound earphone has been the center of this side of the A83 would be the only drawback.


Three-dimensional space and the ability to expand distractions + = Live?


It is difficult to balance and tone to match the hybrid earphones, then with anti-hybrid type there will be specialty. I do it 'realism' of viewing. A83 of the treble and bass playing, which is difficult to remove the feeling of playing too much takes off. This is not just a hybrid type with a crossover network configuration of multi-driver earphones with all features can be seen. However, the hybrid type out of the side of a three-dimensional look stronger. This is among those making earphones comments staggered topic. Requires coordination of all registers of the best single-driver-multi-angle range drivers and network optimization is essential in order - geotyijiyo split this way.


I think I have the both. Listen to both its pros and cons will be determined according to your preference. A83 If the three-dimensional sense of strong, and that can be distracting at the same time. This is the sound coming from various directions because it seemed fun and spontaneity, followed by transparent tone features We will be very important. This product is enclosed in a kernel type earphones, but distinctive because of their ability to expand the space. What kind of music do you hear some shows feel like a live performance. If you think listening to music, entertainment, music and more lively ttuiwoju A83 is the atmosphere maker.


Thick, crisp midrange / bass grand without great emphasis


Midrange reproduction capability is very good. Thick and massive crisp, rich and I can not feel the emptiness.Physical separation without lowering midrange speakers do even better through providing three-dimensional. The result is a very smooth midrange reopgi also because the mature vocals, stringed instruments A83 is a decent choice if you want to enjoy sound pushes.


Emphasized bass is very gentle to feel deep bass down to seconds. Round and smooth without the heavy hitting bass and the position. Mids more than the background behind the impression. And low density high, for example, the bass guitar is a bass A83 road - you pull out the sound of the bass speaker is one strand of its high density and uniformly without missing a pull. Great emphasis on the bass while not extraordinarily grand scale can be represented amazed.


Most of the music genre, the best matching


A83 is a good balance of general haebomyeon simply, the tone is clear and properly sustained bass that is earphones. Besides listening to music more pleasing to the realism and emotion throughout dotge janhyanggam that area. Thanks to these characteristics, genres of music is the best match is seen as the most Mailbox. I think it shows that stand out among the geotyijiyo classical music is. Three-dimensional sense of fun and relaxing to some music or give it to hear for a long time.


* Fidue A83 main characteristics of the sound?

Resolution: High.

Strike sense: deep sounding bass while hitting the round round finish.

Spacious: Sealed with a kernel-type three-dimensional space to expand but showing stunts.

Hissing: A little stressed, but there is no irritation.

Naturalness: spontaneity.

Highs: not sound clear and bright, with no stimulus to high cool.

Mid-range: sleek lines massive coarse grained, crisp and rich mids.

Bass: both are a bit grand scale of many expressing high density low.



The pros and cons and conclusions


Sound with clarity and naturalness

DAP to expect from high-end resolution

While keeping the balance for proper emphasis on each range

Janhyanggam comfort in the knowledge that your ears

Stimulation is also clear highs eopeumyeonseo

Sounds like a three-dimensional depiction comes from many directions

The grandeur of mid-range bass is smooth and

Most of the music, including classical music genre and the best matching

Excellent price performance

A high-quality cable



Passionate pursuit of comfort, so the sound is not

May feel a strong sense of depth distraction

Reverb, harmonics do not have a clear impression of

Gold + red + blue combination of visual hobulho the Galil seems



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Seems like a pretty glowing review. These look stunning. The nicest looking IEMs I've seen so far!

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They are like a CIEM with a design option that I would never choose. It's unique, but not my cup of tea. Red, blue, gold? :confused:

From the bad google translation, it seems to be a neutral signature with slower, slightly emphasized mid-bass and an over-emphasized depth to the rest of the stage ratio. 

Still, I'd be interested in some more reviews and a price drop to $275ish. 

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Love the color combinations and the description is natural transparent and 3D soundstage ūüėć.... Just. What I thought it would be ūüėĀ
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I just picked up a pair of ath-IM70 on eBay for $10 usd on eBay.

Typo maybe?

Seller has 100% feedback.

Oh well, I bought a pair, we will see if thisis legit...

Take a look guys.
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