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So I'll give you my history.


I started off with the Atrio M5 (now called the AtrioX I believe). They were unbelievably good for my first time using good headphone equipment. Over the years I've bought all together about 4 replacements for them. I later ended up buying Fisher Audio DBA-02, which were a little more crisper but I missed the bass from the Atrio. I've never used closed except once I did end up buying high quality headphones and mic for my Xbox 360 and I remember that I really liked the "imaging" (I think that's the word) and the durability of them. So basically I'm thinking maybe I should try closed headphones? I don't know if I like the idea of carrying around an amp (am I wrong)? But I'm also open to new IEM's that have great bass like the Atrio and are maybe a little crisper and better at sound isolation.


The Audio Technica ATH-M50 seemed to get good reviews and they didn't say anything about needing an amp like the other more expensive ones. But please advise on any of this. Thanks.