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Grado aftermarket L pad sound

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I just stumbled upon something surprising i thought i should share. I bought a set of L shape foam from the link below for my MS1's and they transformed the sound, low end was much nicer giving bass drums and bass guitars real power and presence.




Today i received a set of 2nd hand 225i's which came have the L pads as stock, however they sound completely different in that they are lacking in the low end bass i am used to with the MS1's.  I was really disappointed in them, and rather confused as i've read from people who have owned both sets of cans that the difference is subtle.


On closer examination i noticed the real Grado L pads from the 225's are constructed of three layers of foam, the middle layer of which being softer than the backing and front section. The ebay versions are a single piece of form, and much firmer.  Therefore the real Grado versions are more comfortable to wear. 


So out of interest and fairness i took the pads off the MS1's and put them onto the 225i's and repeated the listening test to find they transformed the sound to what i am used to, nice smooth bass notes are back with a sonic signature that is just lovely.  ....to me anyway.


I'm very surprised that two similar looking sets of pads can make such a dramatic difference to the sound.  I would be very interested to hear somebody else's opinion, if you have €20 to spare please try a set and share your findings..

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Funny, I just wrote a post regarding pads swapping on Grado headphones, I didn't know that they're were variations among replacement pads though.


I just cheked your link, and I don't understand, it says that they are, ''für Grados'' ;)

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Well thats the thing, i figured a piece of foam is a piece of foam but as i found the "copies" actually sound much better (to me) than the genuine Grado foams as they are made of a firmer/denser material.

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To update this thread a bit, I received my Ear Zonk Grado pads a few days ago from Amazon. I ended up ordering 3 pair of the L-Cush, and one pair of the G-cush.

I haven't used the G-Cush yet, but the L-Cush is really comfortable to me since they use a slighly softer foam material. Grado uses some foam of varying densities as can be seen when looking at the side of the pad. The Ear Zonk, on the other hand, use only one consistent level of foam density. Plus, they cost 1/2 of the normal selling price for the Grado branded version.

I'm not sure if Ear Zonk is available internationally, but for people in the U.S. they are now relatively easy to purchase.
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Those G-Cush are cheap, shame they wont ship to europe :(


I found the harder foam of those German ones sounded much better, since you have three pairs do you fancy trying the tape mod on a set?

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Originally Posted by mcandmar View Post

Those G-Cush are cheap, shame they wont ship to europe :(



I've had the L-Cush up and running for a few days with excellent results.   The G-Cush were just removed from the package last evening and tested.  The bad:  The openings for the pads where they mount onto the headphone cup are two different sizes.  One fits perfectly, and grips on the cup.  The other has a larger opening and will easily slip off when you remove the headphones from your head, or try to place them on your headphone stand.


I currently have a call into Ear Zonk to inform them of the issue and see how I can get this resolved outside of Amazon.  I don't want to get a replacement if the same issue is present.  I suspect just a bad batch was created and hopefully when gone, the consistency will come back.  I'm a fan and will stay tuned in on these, if the G-cush sizing issue can be resolved.  Meanwhile, the L-Cush is excellent!

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